Historical Fiction By Tierney H.

The Donner Party Facts

Donner Party Sets Out

April 15 1846 - April 16 1846

The Donners actually set out on this day.

Reached Fort Bridger

July 25 1846 - July 26 1846

They were surprised when they saw the prices of everything on stuff from food to oxen.

James Reed Kills a Man

October 5 1846 - October 6 1846

James Reed killed John Snyder when he began whipping his wife and Reed. Reed was banished from the party, and had to go on horseback all the way to California alone.

Beginning of Cannibalism

February 13 1847 - February 19 1847

No human bones were actually found, but some believe that the party participated in cannibalism.


February 19 1847 - May 1847

The Donner Party was found in the Sierra Mountains on this day. So many were traveling in this group, that it took weeks to rescue them all.

Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds

Donner Party Expedition Launched

May 12 1846 - May 13 1846

The Donners, and many others, embarked on this great journey to California. They started in Independence, Missouri.

Reached Fort Bridger

July 26 1846 - July 27 1846

When the Donners reached Fort Bridger, they were waiting for Lansford Hastings to take them to a shortcut through the wilderness.

Great Salt Lake

August 27 1846 - September 5 1846

There was much hardship when the party was crossing the Great Salt Lake and the Salt Flats of Utah.

James Reed Kills a Man

October 6 1846 - October 7 1846

James Reed killed a man, and is banished from the party. He now has to travel alone on horseback.

Charles Stanton to the Rescue

October 25 1846 - October 26 1846

Charles Stanton came to rescue the Donners with two indian slaves.

The Beginning of Cannibalism

December 27 1846 - January 1 1847

The main character Douglas Deeds, did not want to become an eater of the dead. He ran off to the woods so when he died he wouldn't be eaten.