Historical fiction Piper P.


Katrina fakes scarlet fever.

02/26/1942 - 02/27/1942

Katrina's aunt makes her fake scarlet fever so during the roundup they couldn't be taken.

Katrina has to move so she can be with her new uncle that her aunt married.

03/14/1942 - 03/16/1942

They move in with Katrina's Uncle Teo so they are safe from roundup.

Sending letters to her freind, Eva.

04/15/1942 - 05/20/1942

Every day she sends letters to her friend Eva but Eva never replies.

Katatrina's birthday party

05/16/1942 - 05/17/1942

Katrina has a birthday party and Eva doesn't show up.

Kataria's uncle isn't safe from roundup anymore.

05/31/1942 - 06/01/1942

Katarina's uncle isn't safe from roundup because he got fired from his job.

Katrina's best friend hates her.

06/05/1942 - 06/06/1942

Katrina tells her friend that she will thell her a secret then decides not to because her aunt told her not to.

Katrina moves again.

06/10/1942 - 07/31/1942

Katrina has to move again so they can't be rounded up.

Katrina's family is rounded up.

10/15/1942 - 10/16/1942

They get rounded up because they are jews.

Katrina isn't allowed to work.

10/17/1942 - 10/18/1942

Katrina is to young to work.

Real events that happened.

Hitler is appointed chancellor of germany.

01/30/1933 - 01/31/1933

Adolf hitler is appointed chancellor of germany.

Nazis burn reichstag building.

02/27/1933 - 02/28/1933

Nazis burn reichstag building to create crisis atmosphere.

Nazis open a concentration camp.

03/22/33 - 03/23/33

Nazis open dachau a concentration camp.

Jews are banned

01/24/34 - 01/25/34

Jews are banned from the German labor front.

Nazis take over.

03/07/36 - 03/08/36

Nazis take over Rhineland.