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East woodland indians

800 bc - 800 ad

They were peaceful because they were good people in they always nada choose to do what they want so it in to become in the war it was very hard for them to do it so they war because many people got kill in we're hurt all the way down to the kids
For the east woodland Indians


1500 - 1767

Lots of trade going on because it was in the middle of a war I'n they had to because that's how people kept there family's safe in to in the war when the trading was going the war started 1500 and ended 1767

De Gualdape

1526 - 1527

The first European in u.s. territory in the de gualdape in most people that were in the war start at 1526 in which makes it in 1527 because they were trying to keep everything good in there family because without the de gualdape the would never ended in 1527

13 English colony's

1607 - 2013

The start of America English colony's were really hard to come to without it an other luguages being sokeing so it started in1607 in ended to this day now 2013 so it was something everyone had to deal wit so stuff like that happen so its end was now its start which became the place were people talk t.he 13 English colony's

Royal colony

1624 - 1981

rown colony, also known in the 17th century as royal colony, was a type of colonial administration of the English and later British that started1624 in ended 1981


1625 - 1652

Was a colony where one or more persons, usually land owners, remain loyal to home land because these stuff that many people did to be send to a different place tonbeplaced on the war that started in 1625 in ended in 1652

Triangle slave trade

1670 - 1884

Helped plant cotton that came back to the cotton to help the other people do cotton so many can get better at doing it so more cash could be made in 1670 when it started in 1884 is when ended so it was the triangle slave trade to the end of the war of it

Rice and indigo trade

1680 - 1740

The rice and indigo made money for South Carolina was the war in the rice and indigos trade to make it trona place to a other place so many people could be there in the place of 1680 en

Yemassee war

1715 - 1717

The English fought with the Yemasse tribe the war was the ine where many people got hurt in wouldnt had happen if the war that Start in 1715 in ended in the 1717

Stono rebelion

1739 - 1740

A short slave rebelion was the stono in they fought many times just to get respect from other wars when there in them so it wase1739 when it started in 1740 is where're some people die in couldn't do anything wit what they had so the main stono was its the time for all that to happen

French and Indian war

1754 - 1761

Stamp act

1756 - 1766

Cherokee war

1758 - 1761

Regulator movement

1760 - 1761

Sons of liberty

1760 - 1766

The organ iced the Boston tea party because many people were in the same place at the same time so I think it could be the main stuff of the Boston tea party in 1760 they were the start of the war in it just grow larger in it ended in 1766

Sugar act

1764 - 1766

Tea act

1773 - 1775

South Carolina constitution of independence


Revolutionary war

1776 - 1781

The war that would determine America's fait because the people that were there were people that wanna the revolutionary war that started in 1776 in ended in the late 1781

Deceleration of independence

1776 - 2013

Gave America its independence because people needed it so they could live the life how it became so the deceleration of the independence so from 1776 they were no independence for the people but it still became the same in tell 2013

Battle of king mountains


Battle of Camden

1780 - 1882

Article of confederation

1781 - 1789

Had many problems with it so it was replaced

Battle of eutaw springs


Battle of cowpens


3/5 compromise

1783 - 1868

Made slaves only count 75% American s because there were way more slaves then Americans so it was a lot of stuff people could wit them in they took the slaves others places because it was 75% of People that stayed there because it started 1783 in ended 1868