World War 2 Timeline


Germany attacks Poland

September 1, 1939

The Operation white (Germanys code name) attacked Poland on September 1, 1939. Germany won because of their 11 tanks compared to Poland's one tank. they also had 400 fighters and 850 bombers. They attacked the north and south of Poland.

Germany invades belgium and the netherlands

May 1940

Germany takes charge of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

December 1941

Japan bombs Pearl harbor and the U.S declares war on Japan

Japan captures the Philippines and Burma.

May 1942

Japan ends up capturing the Philippines and Burma

The tide turns

June 1942

In the battle, the allighs defeated Japan

Axis troops surrender

May 1943

in Northern Africa, after the derman troops surrendered) the Axis troops surrendered

Invasion happens in France

June 1944

The Allighed troops landed in France and began invasion

Japan is defeated

October 1944

The navy in Japan gets defeated near the Phillipines

Germany surrenders

May 1945

Because of Germany surrendering, it ends World War 2 in Europe

Ending world war 2

September 1945

Japan signs the agreement of surrendering which ends world war 2