Frederick Douglass Timeline


Frederick Douglass is Born

February 1818 - 02/2/1818

Date is unknown.

Frederick Learns to Read

March 1826

When Frederick was sent to the Aulds, his mistress Sophia Auld taught him how to read.

Frederick Gets Arrested After Trying to Run Away

April 2, 1836

Frederick Douglass Changes His Name and Marries Ann Murray


Frederick's First Child, Rosetta is Born

June 24, 1839

Frederick's Child Lewis Herny is Born

October 9, 1840

Frederick's Son Charles Remond is Born

October 21, 1844

Frederick's Daughter Annie is Born

March 22,1849

Frederick Goes to Britain Because of Arrest Threats


Frederick was believed to have inpired John Brown to raid Harper's Ferry

Frederick Dies of a Heart Attack

February 20, 1895

Achievements in Politics

Frederick Speaks at the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society Meeting

July 1841

This took place in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Frederick's Manumission Papers are Signed

December 12, 1846

Frederick Publishes His First Issue of "The North Star"

December 3, 1847

Frederick Forms a Regiment of Black Union Soldiers

August 10, 1863

Frederick is a Diplomat in Haiti

1889 - 1891

What is Going on at the Time

The Civil War Starts

April 1861

The Emancipation Proclamation Becomes a Law

January 1, 1863

The Union Wins the Civil War. Later, Abraham Lincoln Gets Assasinated

April 1865