Untitled timeline

Turtle in Paradise

Turtles Mother gets a job as a house keeper in New Jersey

June 17, 1935

Turtle's mother gets a job as a housekeeper but the house owner does not like children so Turtle has to move in with her Aunt Minnie during the great depression.

Turtle leaves New Jersey

June 18, 1935

Turtle leaves New Jersey with her mother's boyfriend's friend because he wants to show off his new invention.

Turtle arrives in Key West, FL

July 13, 1935

Turtle finds out she has a grandmother named Nana Philly

July 20, 1935

Turtle find treasure map

August 23, 1935

Diaper Gang gets stranded on island while searching for the treasure

August 28, 1935

Diaper gang looks for the treasure on Slow Poke's boat but cannot find anything. When they return home the boat disappears so they are stranded as a hurricane approaches.

Turtle finds the treasure by mistake

August 30, 1935

Saved by Ollie and Slow Poke, Turtle trips on something and the Diaper Gang and Turtle find the treasre.

Turtle's mother and Archie visit Key West, FL

September 2, 1935

Turtle reunites with her mother and family

September 5, 1935

Archie flees the country with the treasure

September 5, 1935