Koby's Jewish History timeline


The last of the Maccabim

201 B.C.E.

The Jews are in the hands of the Syrian Greeks and were in big touble and needed some help.

Antiochus gains more power

177 B.C.E.

Antiochus now has more control and power than he used to. The king also says that hellenized Jews must become high priests so they can pay for Antiochus’ invasion.

Judaism and Antiochus don't go well together

172 B.C.E.

The king, Antiochus takes everything precious from the Beit Hamikdash, and the Jews are killed and the king says that you can no longer practice Judaism.

More war too? Oh my.

170 B.C.E.

Matityahu sees his fellow Jews bringing Korbans to other Gods. He is very shocked and dissapointed, but most of all very furious. So he decides to start a rebellion with his sons, so he can shape the Jewish nation back together.

Another tragic incident? Gee wheez.

168 B.C.E.

Matityahu, an excellent leader passes away. His son Yehuda is now in his place.

A great leader=great strategies

166 B.C.E.

Somehow, Yehuda and his army destroys Gorgias' army and they go back to Yerusualiam and build up the walls and party for eight days.

The Jews don't give up

163 B.C.E.

Even though the Bnei yisrael had no food, they manged to fight and stay strong.

Another tragic incident

162 B.C.E.

Eleazar, one of Matityahu's sons dies during a battle when he threw a spear into an elephant and the elephant fell on top of him and killed the brave man.

A tragic incident

159 B.C.E.

One of the greatest leaders of the Jewish people, Yehuda is killed in a battle. Jonathon is then going to take over for Yehuda.

No More War!

138 B.C.E.

The Greeks are sick and tired of battling and killing people. So they sign a peace treaty with Simon and are done with war.