4B World History - Meredith



Trojan War

1250 B.C

Wooden horse defeat

Persian Wars

490 B.C - 449 B.C

Athens vs. Persia, Athens emerges, power in the delian league

Golden Age of Greece

479 B.C - 431 B.C

Athens at it's height-Art, architecture, democracy

Peloponnesian War

431 B.C - 404 B.C

Athens vs. Sparta. Sparta lays siege to Athens, Plague kills pericles when he surrounds the city with wall (Port of Pyre)

Alexander the Great

336 B.C - 323 B.C

Took power at 20 years old. Conquered Persian empire. Founded Alexandria empire.


Romulus founds Rome

753 BCE

The Roman Republic

509 BCE - 31 BCE

Julius Caesar

46 B.C - 44 B.C

•Put in reforms to help beautify the city and put people to work,
•Cancelled a lot of Roman debt
•Wealthy should be held accountable for more crimes


31 B.C - 14 C.E

•Ending 100 years of Civil war
•40 years of peace in Rome
•Expanding Roman empire (into Germany)
•Creating Roman dynasty
•Secured empires boundary, reorganized army, created navy
•Promised land to war veterans
•Created Praetorian guard

Roman Empire

27 BCE - 476 CE

Marcus Aurelius

161 C.E - 180 C.E

•Known for his book “Meditations”
•Romans defeated Parthians in Armenia and emperors were given military credit
•Allowed invaders to settle in the empire, many of his actions left treasury empty