Marilyn Monroe's Life




September 1934 - June 1937

Grace McKee gets married and sends Marilyn back to the orphanage from 1934 until Marilyn gets adopted again in 1937.

Marilyn Monroe DIES!

1962 - 1963

Marilyn Monroe kills herself in her Los Angeles home, with a gun.

Her Biological Mom Dies

8/5/1962 - 8/6/1962

Her Mom died when Marilyn was at Grace McKee's home.


Grace McKee takes her in

1934 - 1935

Grace McKee takes Marilyn in as her child. Marilyn's real mom was in a nursing home at the time.


Ladies of Chorus

1948 - 1949

Marilyn is in the movie "Ladies of Chorus"


1953 - 1954

Marilyn stars in Ms.December in 1953.

Seven Year Itch

1957 - 1958

Seven Year Itch is filmed, and Marilyn's skirt was being blown by a subway grating.