"Ten Years A Nation"

Katarina Lee Mapes, Locke, 5th, Texas History


Cynthia Held Captive

January 1836

Cynthia Ann Parker was held captive for a short amount of time by the Comanches

Sam Huston Elected president

September 1836

Sam Huston was elected the first president of the Texas Republic. He was elected as the first president of the Texas Republic in September

Huston becomes the capital

December 1837

Huston becomes the first capital of Texas.

Mirabeau Lamar elected president 1838

1838 - 1841

Mirabeau Lamar was elected the second president of the Texas Republic in 1838

Austin becomes the new captiatal

October 1839

Austin becomes the new capital of Texas.

Battle of Plum Creek

October 1840

Buffalo Hump wanted to do more than just complain about the Comanches.

Sam Huston Re-elected president

1841 - 1844

Sam Huston was re-elected the 3rd president of the Texas Republic in 1841.

Santa Fe Expedition

June 19 1841 - 1850

This expedition was another failure.

German Immagration


This was a time when the German immigrated to Texas.

Archives War

March 1842 - May 1842

The archives war ended around the start of the Santa Fe Expedition.

Meir Expedition

November 1842 - February 1843

This Meir expedition was a failure.

"Black Bean" episode

February 11 1843

The black bean episode was a failed raid on the Mexican Border.

Anson Jones Elected Presidnet

December 9 1844 - 1847

Anson Jones was elected as the 4th president of the Texas Republic on December, 9, 1844

the Annexation Finally Approved

July 4 1845 - July 5 1845

After multiple trials and errors the Annexation was officially approved.

Texas is recognized as an Independent Nation

December 29 1845 - December 29 1846

Texas was officially recognized as its own Independent Nation.

Council House Fight

1846 - December 1846

The council house fight happened in 1846, this fight involved mostly the council.

U.S.A 28th State

February 19 1846

The U.S.A has their 28th state.