10 years of a nation


Fort Parker


Comanches and Kiowas killed amny and captured 2 women (including Cynthia Ann Parker) and many children.

David G Burnet as president

March 16 1836

David G Burnet was the 1st Republic of Texas president but only served for a few months.

Sam Houston elected

September 1836

Sam Houston took over when Burnet died.

Santa Anna

November 1836

Santa Anna released in hopes of being on better terms with Mexico.

U.S recognition

March 3 1837

Houston sent William H Wharton and Memucan Hunt to convince congress that Texas had a responsible government- they succeeded and President Jackson recognized Texas.

Mirabeau B Lamar elected next


After Houston found out he could not serve 2 consecutive terms, Lamar was elected.

Council House


Angry texans tried to take Comanche negotiators hostage until they freed their 13 other hostages- 7 Texans and 35 Comanches died.

Plum Creek

August 12 1840

Texans fought Comanches and killed 100 but lost only one of them.


October 1840

Colonel John H Moore attacked Comanches on upper Colorado River.

Houston re-elected


Sam Houston was re-elected and changed Lamar mistakes.

Santa Fe

June 19 1841

Soldiers, merchants, wagon drivers and adventurers set out to control Santa Fe, misfortune struck all the members on the way.

Archives War

March 1842

A Mexican army invaded Texas and caused Sam Houston to want to send the government archives from Austin to Houston.

Adrian Woll

September 1842

1,400 Mexicans comanded bi General Adrian Woll occupied San Antonio- later driven out of Texas by Texas.


October 9 1842

Sam Houston tried to renew peace with Native Americans- they signed a treaty and it was calm... for a little while.

Black beans

February 11 1843

Santa Anna decided what 17 men were going to die for trying to escape by having all the men draw beans from a jar- those who chose black beans were shot.

Anson Jones- last president


Anson Jones was elected as the final Republic of Texas president.


December 29 1845

After many years of second guessing and thought, the U.S finally annexed Texas.

German immigrants


The German Emigration company brought 7,000 german immigrants.