Ten Years a Nation.


Texas is recognized by the United States as an independent nation.


Texas is now a individual country.

Fort Parker is attacked by Comanches, and Cynthia Parker is taken captive.


There was a lot of fighting between the Republic of Texas and the Comanches at the time.

Sam Houston is elected as the president of Texas.

September 1836 - 1838

He was elected as the the 1st president of Texas.

Mirabeau Lamar is elected as the president of Texas.

1838 - 1841

He was elected as the 2nd president of Texas.

Council house fight in San Antonio.


A fight between the Republic of Texas officials and Comanches.

Battle of Plum Creek.

August 1840

The Battle of Plum Creek

August 1840

The Battle of Plum Creek was a battle between the Tonkawa, and some of the Republic of Texas rangers, and a huge Comanche war party.

Sam Houston is elected president again.

1841 - 1844

He was reelected as president in 1841.

Santa Fe Expedition.

June 1841

The Santa Fe expedition was a military expedition to get the Republic of Texas parts of land in northern New Mexico.

Archives War.

March 1842

The Archives War was a dispute over an attempted move to move the Republic of Texas national archives from Austin to Houston.

Mier Expedition- the "Black Bean" episode.


Texans were blindfolded and had to draw a bean out of a pot, to determine who would die. There were 159 white beans and 17 black beans. The people who drew black beans were killed.

Anson Jones is elected as president of Texas.

1844 - 1846

He was the final president of Texas.

Annexation of Texas.


The annexation of Texas happens just before they become an independent nation.

German immigrants come to Texas.


Many Germans came to Texas during this time.