South Carolina History


Eastern Woodland Indians

800 bc - 800 ad

The Eastern Woodland Indians had land in the eastern part of the United States.The earliest first two societies were the Adena and the Hopewell.


1500 - 1799

The Mercanitilism is a foreign trade controls by the government to ensure the military security of the country.

Port Royal

1518 - 1692

It was a city where commerce shippping took place.

San Miguel De Gualdape

1526 - 1527

It was the first European settlement in the United States.This settlement made two people from each district to come home with him to learn Spanish and to act as interpreters.

Triangle Slave Trade

1599 - 1800

This settlement was trading system that changed goods for other goods that they needed and that others needed.

Slave Codes

1600 - 1800

The slave codes were laws that made slaves have no rights and have no previages.

Royal Colony

1600 - 1981

Colonial Administration

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1733

Colonies of North Americas Atlantic Coast.Each colony had a self government.

Proprietary Colony

1660 - 1690

Type of colonial government. It was used by the 13 English Colonies.

Rice and Indigo trade

1680 - 1700

When rice and indigo became a major export crop.The established 20 million pounds of rice by 1730.

Plantation System

1700 - 1800

It is small units of land that became the plantation system because they were private ownership.It is where people grew their crops to trade and sell in exchange for other things.

Yemassee War

1715 - 1717

A battle between the British and most Native American tribes.

Stono Rebellion

1739 - 1740

The Stono Rebellion was a slave uprising.They killed 20-25 whites during the Rebellion.

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

This war was between colonies of British America and New France.

Cherokee War

1758 - 1761

A war against the British cherokee and North America.The British and the cherokee became allies.

Sugar Act

1764 - 1766

It was an act passed by king George the second that encouraged trade.

Sons of the Liberty

1765 - 1773

An Group of American patriots that protected the people's rights.

Stap Act

1765 - 1766

It was a law that made people give taxes to British government.

Regulator Movement

1765 - 1771

An uprising between the north and the south.

Denmark Vesy Plot

1767 - 1822

It was a plot that helped slaves rebel and get their freedom.He was one of the people who rebelled against slavery and for their rights.

Tea Act

1773 - 1861

An act passed to make the amount of tea held by the British east India company decline.

South Carolina Constitution Of 1776

1775 - 1776

The government grouped together to think of ways to resolve the freedmans of the state.

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

It was a war between the king of great Britain and the 13 colonies.

Declaration Of Independence

1776 - 1777

A statement by the continental congress to announce the 13 colonies.

Articles Of Confederation

1777 - 1781

It was an agreement between the 13 founding states that founded the unites states.

The Battle Of Eutaw Springs

1780 - 1781

It was the las major battle in America between the British and the United States.

Battle of Kings Mountain

1780 - 1781

It was a battle between the patriots and the loyalists.The patiriots defined the loyalists.

Battle of Camden

1780 - 1781

It was a battle between the British and the United States.The British won in a big victory.

Battle of Cowpens

1780 - 1781

It was a battle between the United States and Britain.The United States won over Britain.

Great Compresses

1781 - 1787

Decide of two chambers of congress.

3/5 Congress

1783 - 1793

A comprise between southern and northern states.


1787 - 1789

It was a law that separated the 3 articles of confederation and estableshed them and the ten amandments.It is the law of the United States of American.

Commerce Compromise

1787 - 1807

Northerners wanted the government to impose on goods.


1789 - 1793

It is a act where people could get out of and organization or a program or union.

Cotton Gin

1793 - 1794

The cotton gin was a machine that made it easier to take out the seed of the cotton which helped the slaves by makeing it faster to take out but caused them to work more.

Abolitionist Movement

1800 - 1900

It was a movement that helped to end slavery every where,were there was slavery and slave trade.

Embargo Act

1807 - 1809

It was like a law that imposed people from contrabanding.It was a law against Great Britain and France during the Napolianic Wars.

Lincoln’s assassination

1809 - 1865

Lincoln's asassination was when John Wilkes Booth shot and stabed Lincoln the18th president of America.

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

It was a military conflict between the United States and the British Empire.

Cotton Trade

1813 - 1814

rong dates

William T. Sherman

1820 - 1891

He was an American soldier, businessman,and educator who served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil and got a recognization for his military strategy.

Nullification Contraversy

1828 - 1832

It was a crisis that made people raise tariffs which made people not want to pay the amout that they gave them.

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

He was a ship's pilot, sea captain,politicianen and an enslaved american who got his freedom and his crews families freedom because he commanded a transportation ship.

Dred Scott Decision

1846 - 1857

He was one of the men who went to the suprem court to protest slave freedom.

Election of 1860

1850 - 1860

It was when the 18th president election occured.It was about how t one president wanted slaves in the south and the other wanted the north to have freedom for the slaves and equal rights.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

1853 - 1854

It was an act that opened up many thousands of new farms.The people who onwed that land could decide if they would have or not slavery.

Ft Sumter

1861 - 1862

It was the place where the civil war began.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

It was a war where the United States fought against the southern slave states for slavery and the south lost and and slaves were free and had their rights.

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

It was a battle between the union and the confederacy of 11 states about slavery.The union won.

"Total War"

1900 - 1901

Total war played a great part of conflicts from French Revolutionary Wars to World War ll.It was also a seperate class of warefare.