Eastern woodland Indians

800 BC - 800 AD

Lived in east plains. And depended in natural resources

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 ad - 1527 ad

Was the first European settlement in the unedited states.

Triangle slave trade

1600 - 1700

Ships traveled Europe carrying manufactured goods such as guns , bread, ect.

13 English colonies

1607 - 1733

They grew a lot of wheat. There area was called the breadbasket of colonies. They were eastern united states

Royal colony

1607 - 1774

a colony ruled or administered by officials appointed by and responsible to the reigning sovereign of the parent state.

Proprietary colony

1622 - 1776

it was to dived the states to where they Are now.


1651 - 1673

Mercantilism is the economic doctrine of the government control of foreign trade.

Rice and indigo trade

1680 - 1730

Rice and indigo both grew in sc. They made a good profit.


1715 - 1717

It took place in sc, and it invoked the British settlers.

Stono rebellion

1739 - 1740

20 black women killed two storekeepers with cries of liberty

Cherokee war

1758 - 1761

The British and the Cherokee had been alies at the start of the war.

French and Indian war

1763 - 1764

Was fought primarily between British and France.

Sugar act

1764 - 1774

The act increased work on non British goods shiped.

Stamp act

1765 - 1771

First international tax levied on America.

Regular movement

1765 - 1771

the war of regulation was between north and South Carolina

Tea act

1773 - 1861

A parliament act of Britten. It made sure they didn't surplus tea.

Sons if liberty


A group of patriots that fought for liberty

3/5 Compromise


it helps states stay orginized

Revolutionary war

1775 - 1783

The American war. The war of the United States.

Declaration of independence

1776 - 1777

Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28th
Nations most prized deceleration

south carolina constitution


They make a new constitution and government.the president is John Rutledge and Henry Lauren’s is Vice President

Articles of Confederation

1777 - 1781

It was an agreement of the 13 founded states.


1 Virginia
2 South Carolina
3 New York
4 Rhode Island
5 Connecticut
6 Georgia
7 New Hampshire
8 Pennsylvania
9 Massachusetts
10 North Carolina
11 New Jersey
12 Delaware
13 Maryland

Battle of Camden


A major victory for the British. And a theater for the rev, war

Battle of kings mountain.

1780 - 1781

A battle between the patriots and loyalist . The southern campaign of AMW

Battle of cowpeas

1781 - 1782

Gorge Washington chose Nathan green to be commander of the south.

Battle of Eurasia springs


Nathan green began a campaign to end British control over the south

Commerce Compromise


Government would tax emports

Great Compromise


that congress would be set up with two houses. the house of representatives would have representation based upon population and the Senate with equal representation



It was made so no one could have to munch power

cotton gin


It was a machine that separated cotton fibers from seeds quickly and easy. Eli Whitney made the machine

Cotton Trade

1794 - 1861

People traded cotton for better or useful items.

Embargo Act


The purpose of the embargo to send a message to the powers in Europe.This law stopped all trade between America and any other country

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

a war between the United States and the British. they fought because of trading restrictions and other reasons

Denmark Vesey Plot


an African american who planed one of the largest slave rebellion in the United States.

abolitionist movement

1830 - 1870

abolitionists tried to end racial discrimination and segregation.This was an attempt to free all slaves.

Nullification Controversy

1832 - 1833

A crisis during Andrew Jackson as a president.

Robert smalls

1839 - 1915

A slave during and after the civil war.

Dred Scott decision

1846 - 1857

a black slave whose suit for freedom was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court

kansas nebraska act


The Kansas–Nebraska Act made the territories of Kansas and Nebraska


1860 - 1861

When you withdraw from something. You can trade it with countries.

election of 1860


The United States presidential election of 1860 set the stage for the American Civil War.

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

A government by a number of southern slave states.

Ft Sumter


A fort in Charleston SC.It was the scene of a bombardment from April 12 to 14, 1861.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

A war between citizens of the same country. it was fought for independence of a region

Total war


This is when the opposing army destroys everything in its path.

Lincoln's assassination


April 14, Lincoln was assassin by John Wilkes. He’s shot him in the head.