United States Timeline


Eastern Woodland Indians

800 bc - 800 ad

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1500 - 1767

Merchantillisum is the economic doctrain that goverment control on foreign trade.
It demands a balanced level of trade.

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 - 1527

San Miguel de Gualdape was the first European settealer inside US territory.
Ships landed at what is known as Georgetown,South Carolina on September 29, 1526.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 2013

The colonies were founded in 1607.
The colonies that were founded in 1607 are still going on.

Royal colony

1624 - 1981

The colony lasted for quit a while.
The royal colony was a British colony.

Proprietary colony

1625 - 1652

A proprietary colony was a colony in which one or more individuals, usually land owners, remaining subject to their parent state's sanctions.
This type of colonial government, based on the County Palatine and resembling feudal grants of fiefs in exchange for service more than the modern concept of state sovereignty.

Sons of liberty

1665 - 1773

The sons of liberty were the people who had the idea for the Boston tea party

Triangle Slave Trade

1670 - 1884

The Atlanta triangle slave trade started in the late 16 hundreds and ended in the late 18 hundreds.
The triangle slave trade was going across the Atlantic Ocean.

Rice and indigo trade

1680 - 1740

Rice was grown successfully in 1630.
The rice and indigo trade was making money for South Carolina.

Yemassee war

1715 - 1717

The war lasted two years.
The war had three sides to it.

Stone rebellion

1739 - 1740

Nearly 60 slaves were recruited.
20-25 whites were killed in one raid.

french and indian war

1754 - 1763

in the french and indian war the french and indians fought brave battles.
in May 1754 George Washington ambushed a French patrol.

cherokee war

1758 - 1761

the cherokee and the british were allies in the beginings but they both felt like they would be betrayed.
the cherokee and the british were in this war

Regulator Movement

1760 - 1761

it started because of a population in north and south carolina.
In 1764, several thousand people from North Carolina in the western region, were extremely dissatisfied

sugar act

1764 - 1766

Granted Serbian duties to the British colonies plantations.

Stamp act

1765 - 1766

It was a act granting and applying certain stamp duties.
It was repealed in 1766

3/5 compromised

1773 - 1783

The comprimis was between the south and the north.

Tea act

1773 - 1861

The tea act lead to the Boston tea party.

Revolutionary war

1775 - 1783

The revolutionary war a revolutionary war.

South Carolina constitution


This constitution made South Carolina a state

Declaration of Independence


The declaration of independence created rights for each and ever person in America.
That day is now known as 4th of July.

Articles of confederation

1777 - 1781

It was a agreement of the 13 colonies that made up the United States

Battle of Camden


It was a battle victory for the British

Battle of kings mountain

1780 - October 7, 1780

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a decisive battle between the American and the British.

Battle of Eutaw springs


during the battle the british retreated and the american soilders purced the into the camp

Battle of Cowpens


It was the tuning point for South Carolina in the war.

Great comprimis

1787 - 1800

It was a argument of the big and small states reached during the constitutional convection in 1787

Dred Scott decision

1795 - 1858

the Dred Scott decision was a land mark decision by the suprem court

William t Sherman

1820 - 1891

William T Sherman was an American soldier, businessman, educator and author

Robert smalles

1839 - 1915

Robert smalles lived to a age of 75 years old to die on February 23, 1915

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Total war


Total war is the tactic of destroy everything.

Kansas Nebraska act


The act created the states of Kansas and Nebraska.

Election of 1860


The election of 1860 was the 19th quadrennial election.

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

Port royal


The Battle of Port Royal was one of the earliest water operations of the American Civil War

Civil war

1861 - 1865

The civil war happened because the south was afraid that their slaves would be taken

Fort sumpter


Fort Sumter is located in Charleston/South CarolIna.
The shots that came from the fort were the first shots that were fired during the civil war.

Lincoln's assassination


On april 14, 1865 Lincoln was shot in the head and died the morning after the assationation.
The assassination happened on a "Good Friday" near the end of the war.
lincolns assasination happened because of him freeing the slaves rusulting in him getting assasinated.