Dynasty Timeline



1750 B.C - 1045 B.C

He developed social classes that included farmers, merchants, aristocrats, and royal family.


1045 B.C - 256 B.C

He was the longest-lasting dynasty in Chinese history; established Madate of Heaven. Then Developed irrigation and flood-control systems to help farmers grow crops.


551 B.C - 479 B.C

Historians belived that the great thinker and teacher Confucius was born in the small state poor of lu named Kong QIn.


221 B.C - 206 B.C

Strengthened central goverment; created single monetary system, and Introduced use of censors to check on goverment officals. Qiin bulit the first Great Wall to keep out invaders.


202 B.C - 220 A.D

He population and landmass grew under. Han opened China to trade and commerce by building Silk Road. Then created goverment's civil service examination. Major inventions: steel,paper,acupunture, advanced sea travel

Han Wudi

141 B.C - 87 B.C

Wudi's tests bacame the civil service examination.The system for choosing officals remained part of Chinese civilization for 2,000 years.If you past the test u could get a job.


190 A.D - 220 A.D

China had pluged into civil war to amke the situation worse, the northered nomads invaded the country.

Sui Dynasty

580 A.D - 618 A.D

The Sui came to rescue China and united it afer the Han

Tang Dynasty

618 A.D - 907 A.D

The Tang Dynasty could be describe as gunpowder,scroll painting and tea

Sung Dynasty

960 A.D - 1279 A.D

Sung Dynasty benefitted China greatly.

Yuan Dynasty

1279 A.D - 1368 A.D

With 98 emperors in 11 years, The Yuan Dynasty had more than 3 important contributes we could all take out.

Ming Dynasty

1368 A.D - 1644 A.D

Arts, architecture, and literature was Ming Dynasty had it all.

Mao Zedong

1911 A.D - 1976 A.D

When China seem to be falling apart, Mao Zedong came to unify the nation.

Deng Ziaopeng

1954 A.D - 1966 A.D

During his life, Deng Ziaopeng served an outstanding service to chinese people.