Etan's Jewish History Timeline


The second book of the Maccabees

198 B.C.E.

The Jews become under control of the Syrian Greeks.

Antiochus Apiphines' takes rule

175 B.C.E.

Antiochus ascends the Seleucid throne. Non-Jewish/ Hellenized Jews become high priests to pay for Antiochus' conquest.

Antiochus attacks Judiasm

168 B.C.E.

Antiochus loots the Beis Hamikdash, the Jews are massacred, and Judaism is made illegal to practice.

The Powder Keg and Spark

167 B.C.E.

Matityahu, a man of many emotions, is set off when he sees a Jews bring a Karbon to other gods. He and his sons begin a rebellion to save B'nai Yisroel. The war begins.

Matisyahu Dies

166 B.C.E.

Matisyahu dies and Yehuda, his son, takes over the rebellion.

Yehuda is Successful

165 B.C.E.

Yehuda outsmarts Gorgias' army and defeats them. They loot their camp and return to Yerushalaim to rededicate the Beis Hamikdash. They celebrate for eight days and begin to fortify the wall of Yerushalaim.

The War Goes On

164 B.C.E.

Yehuda decides to continue to fight. The Jews continue to win many battles but the gentiles do not give up. B'nai Yisroel fight for many years in many great battles and victories. However, in the process, three of Matisyahu's children, including Yehuda, die in battle.

Elaezar Dies

162 B.C.E.

Eleazar falls in battle, thrusting a spear into the belly of war elephant on which he thought the king was riding, the elephant falls on him crushing him death.

Yehuda Falls

161 B.C.E.

Yehuda is killed at the battle of Elasa. Jonathan is assigned the position of leader of the rebellion.

Peace at Last

142 B.C.E.

During the reign of Seleucid monarch Demitrius, the Greeks finally have enough of the fighting and sign a peace treaty with Simon, the last survivor of the five sons of Matisyahu.