Midterm Interactive Timeline


Eastern Woodland Indians

1000 - 1400

The Eastern Woodland Indians were the native Americans that lived in the south eastern portion before the Europeans.


1500 - 1700

Mercantilism is when the government has complete control over the economy of the colonies.

Triangle Slave Trade

1500 - 1800

The Triangle Slave Trade was when the English brought weapons and supplies to Africa in return for slaves, that they brought over to America.

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 - 1527

San Miguel de Gualdape was the first European settlement in the United States. The settlement only lasted for three months before it was abandoned because of the harsh winter weather.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1776

The first successful English colony in the United States

Plantation System

1619 - 1863

They would buy slaves and since the death rate was very high the owners would encourage the woman to have babies so they could get a slave without paying

Royal Colony

1624 - 1776

Colonies that were ruled by a governor that was appointed by the British government

Proprietary Colony

1632 - 1776

A colony that the government gives a proprietor to govern

Slave Codes

1712 - 1863

They were codes that described the status of slaves and the rights of masters

Yamasee War

1715 - 1717

A conflict between the settlers of South Carolina and some of the Native Americans who lived there.

Stono Rebellion


The Stono Rebellion was the largest slave uprising with about 90 slaves. It took place in the South Carolina colony before the American Revolution.

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

A war fought between British colonies and New France. The Native Americans that lived in New France helped the French

Cherokee War

1758 - 1761

It was a conflict between the British troops in America and the Cherokee Indians during the French and Indian War

Rice and Indigo Trade

1763 - 1783

Rice and Indigo grew very successfully in South Carolina. Therefore South Carolina became very successful in this business.

Sugar Act


It was when the British placed a tax on sugar, wine, and other things to make more money

Sons of Liberty

1765 - 1776

Sons of Liberty was a group that was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and to riot against the British government about the unfair taxes They are the people behind Boston Tea Party that happen in 1773

Stamp Act


The British made a new tax on the American colonists. The tax required them to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used.

Regulator Movement

1765 - 1771

It was an uprising against British officials by both North and South Carolina.

Tea Act


It was when the British tried to regain control of the tea trade in America therefore they set up a monopoly on the tea market and they could only get their tea from England.

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

A war fought between England and the Thirteen Colonies. The Thirteen Colonies were fighting for freedom

South Carolina Constitution of 1776


In 1776 South Carolina writes its own Constitution and elects its own president and vice president about three months before they do it in Pennsylvania

Declaration of Independence


The Deceleration of Independence was to give Britain the reasons why we were leaving them to become our own country

Battle of Kings Mountain


The battle of Kings Mountain was a significant win for the Americans. It was the “turning point” of the war in the south.

Battle of Camden


The battle of Camden was a very brutal battle; the British captured or killed more than half of the American troops.

Articles of Confederation


The Continental Congress wrote the Articles of Confederation during the Revolutionary War

Battle of Cowpens


The battle of Cowpens was an epic win for the Americans. It kicked the British right out of South Carolina.

Battle of Eutaw Springs


The last major battle in the Carolinas before the war ended.

Commerce Compromise


A compromise between the Northern and Southern States during the Constitutional Convention. They agreed to how the federal government could regulate commerce

Three-Fifths Compromise


The compromise between the North and South about how they were going to represent the slaves when they pay taxes and when they appoint members of the United States House of Representatives

The Great Compromise


The Great Compromise was a compromise between the large and small states of the United States about having two different legislatures



The Constitution is a document that is designed to protect our freedom

Cotton Trade

1793 - 1861

After Eli Whitney created the Cotton Gin, cotton was much easier to pick and sell for profits. Cotton became one of America's main exports and the Americans were dominate in the cotton trade until the Civil War

Cotton Gin


Eli Whitney made it to help the slaves because he noticed how difficult it was to separate the seeds from the cotton

Embargo Act

1807 - 1809

It was an act that said American ships weren't allowed to sail to foreign ports. It also closed ports to British ships

War of 1812

1812 - 1814

The War of 1812 was a military conflict between the United States and England that last for 32 months.

William T Sherman

1820 - 1891

He was a General for Union during the American Civil War. He came up with the war strategy "total war"

Denmark Vesey Plot


Slaves were going to revolt against their mastersbut the slave revolt failed. Denmark Vesey and other people involved in the plot were hung

Nullification Controversy

1828 - 1832

The leaders of South Carolina started to think that they didn't have to follow any federal laws if they didn't want to

Abolitionist Movement

1830 - 1870

The Abolitionist Movement was an attempt to get slavery abolished.

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

He was an enslaved African American during the Civil War. During and after the war he became a ship's pilot, sea captain, and politician

Kansas-Nebraska Act


It allowed people in the territories to decide if they wanted slaves or not

Dred Scott Decision


A legal battle, that happen in the Supreme Court, about whether a slave who ran way was free or not.

Election of 1860


It was when Lincoln ran for president and he won with 39.8% of votes


1860 - 1861

When South Caroline first secedes out of the United States, other states did too.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

There were a number of reasons why the North and South went to war but slavery was one of the biggest reasons.

Ft Sumter


It was a two day battle that sparked the Civil War

Port Royal


It was a battle that took place on Port Royal Sound beach. It was an early victory for the Union in the Civil War

Creation of the Confederate States of America


All the states that seceded from the Union decided to join together and form the Confederate States of America

Total War


It's a war strategy when you destroy everything. Even if it's a town or a church or has citizens from there

Lincoln’s assassination


It was when John Wilkes Booth shoot Lincoln while he was at a play.