Untitled timeline


Eastern woodland Indians

1000 - 1400

They were Indians that lived in the south eastern before the Europeans came


1500 - 1700

It is a economic doctrine that controls foreign trade.

Triangle Slave Trade

1500 - 1800

It was a trade from Europe to Africa to America. Europe traded guns to Africa then Africa would give slaves for America which would give them cotton

San Miguel de Gualdape


The first European settlement that is now a part of the United States. It was founded by Lucas Vazquez.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1733

The first American territories founded. They are all on the east coast.

Proprietary colony

1660 - 1690

Colonies used to make money.

Rice and indigo trade

1680 - 1820

Rice was grown in South Carolina also known as Carolina gold because it boosted the economy by selling it to England. Indigo was a crop sold to England for a bluish dye.

Yemassee war

1715 - 1717

They fought against the British. They fought in South Carolina

Royal colony

1729 - 1776

They were territory's that were acquired from war

Stono rebellion


Biggest slave rebellion in British colonies to happen before the American revolution.

French and Indian war

1754 - 1763

A war between French and the British but the Indians were on the French side

Cherokee war

1758 - 1761

The war was between British settlers and Cherokee Indians. It happens when Virginia people attacked a Cherokee tribe.

Regulator movement

1765 - 1771

A uprising against the British during the revolutionary war