South Carolina History Midterm


Eastern Woodland Indians

800 - 1492

They lived in Ohio. Their societies were covered into classes. They grew many crops such as tobacco and they saw their own clothing.

Triangle Slave Trade

1450 - 1750

The best system to trade slaves, goods, and more


1500 - 1750

this is an economic doctrine

Port Royal

1518 - 1692

this was a home to privateers

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 - 1527

it is the first European settlement in the U.S

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1750

They started the English settlements and finished with the 13 colonies in 1750

Royal Colony

1624 - 1981

a colony ruled by a king or queen or one person in charge of everything

Proprietary Colony

1660 - 1690

A proprietary colony is a colony owned by more than one owner

Rice and Indigo Trade

1680 - 1730

When South Carolina made a lot of rice and indigo and traded it to different places

Yemassee War

1715 - 1717

a war between the british and the indians but there was colonial government victory

Slave Codes

1715 - 1835

rules and restrictions given out to slaves while they work

Stono Rebellion

1739 - 1859

it was a slave rebellion that started september 7th 1739

French and Indian War

1755 - 1763

The British won the war and caused the tready of Paris

Cherokee War

1758 - 1761

The war was between British, North America, and the Cherokee Indians. The British won the war

Sugar Act

1764 - 1766

An act for granting duties in a British government

regulator movement

1765 - 1771

it was a South carolina uprise and they took up a stand to corrupt colonial officials

Stamp Act

1765 - 1766

An act for applying detain act duties

Sons of Liberty

1765 - 1773

This was a group of american patriots that organed in colonies

Denmark Vesey Plot

1767 - 1822

a slave that has won the lottery and gained his freedom

Tea Act

1773 - 1861

An act to allow the draw back of duties

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

Was a war for independence between America , Brittan, and the 13 colonies

Declaration of Independence

1775 - 1783

When the congress wanted to make everyone have there own rights

South Carolina constitution of 1776

1776 - 1778

They passed a new constitution around South Carolina and it took action towards independence from great Brittan

Articles of confederation

1777 - 1781

The first constitution of the United Sates

Battle of Camden

1780 - 1782

Battle of Camden

1780 - 1782

A better between the British and the Americans and the British won easily.

Battle of kings mountain

1780 - 1782

A battle between the patriots and the loyalists
That was a part of the revolutionary war

Battle of Eutaw Springs

1780 - 1781

The last major engagement of war in Carolina's

Battle of cowpens

1781 - 1782

It was a victory by the continental army forces and also another part in the American Revolutionary War

3/5 compromise


Was a compromise between northern and southern states

Commerce Compromise


The the constitution alows the government to tax imports

3/5 Compromise

1787 - 1861

Was a compromise between northern and southern states

Great Compromise

1787 - 1800

That all states would come together and be under one union

Cotton Trade

1790 - 1860

When they would sell cotton to europians in the north.

cotten gin

1793 - 1794

Eli Whitney made an evention on how to pick cotton easier

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

first war we had after we were our own country


1816 - 1925

It made laws and to helped people come together and not rule seperatly

William T. Sherman

1820 - 1891

He was an American soldier served in the union army

Abolitionist Movement

1830 - 1870

this was a movement to end slavary

Nullification Controversy

1832 - 1833

It is suspension by the state federal law within the states borders

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

He was a slave who freed himself and his family and did a lot in the American Civil War

Kansas-Nebraska Act

1854 - 1860

When people would open up their land let more people in and just being more open

Lincolns Assassination


When Lincoln was shot at fords theater

Dred Scott Decision


It was a land mark decision made by the U.S supream court

Plantation System


A period marking growth in South Carolina

Election of 1860


when Abraham Lincoln was elected president

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

when the southern slave states delclared their seccseion from the United states

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The united staes faught in this war and it was a union victory

Fort Sumter


it was a fort the was in a battle between the united states and confederate states that was fought in Charleston with a victory on the confederate state


1861 - 1865

A person who secedes or claims secession

Total War

1915 - 1918

Total war played a major part in conflicts from the French Revolutionary Wars