San Miguel de gualdape

1526 - 1527

San Miguel de Gualdape was the first European settlement inside what is now United States territory.


1558 - 1603

Mercantilism was the cause of frequent European war.

Proprietary Colony

1567 - 1640

A proprietary colony was a colony in which one or more individuals and usually land owners .

Triangle slave trade

1600 - 1900

13 English colonies

1607 - 1752

The first colonies in North America were along the eastern coast. Settlers from Spain, France, Sweden, Holland, and England claimed land beginning in the 17th century. The struggle for control of this land would continue for more than a hundred years.

Rice and Indigo Trade

1698 - 1730

The rice was grown good in sc as early as 1680

Yemassee War

1715 - 1717

The Yemassee War was a conflict between British settlers.

Stono rebellion

1739 - 1740

The stone Rebelion is the largest Rebelion mounted by slaves vs slave owners.

Easter woodland Indians

3015 - 3020

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