Untitled timeline


Jezebel's birth

896 BC

Takelot I becomes king of Egypt

889 BC

Jezebel Marries Ahab

877 BC

Nile floods and covers the floor of Temple of Lexor

872 BC

Jezebel takes Naboth's Vineyard

869 BC

Joram is born (son of Jezebel)

862 BC

Kingdom of Urartu unifies

860 BC

Event at Mount Carmel Occurs

860 BC

Ahaziah is born (son of Jezebel

859 BC

Athalia is born (daughter of Jezebel)

854 BC

Jezebel threatens prophet Elijah's life

851 BC

Mesha erects the Mesha Stele

850 BC

Ethbaal's (father of Jezebel) reign ends

847 BC

Jezebel is murdered

842 BC

Phoenician cities send tribute to Damascus

842 BC

Civil war breaks out in Egypt

836 BC

Pygmalion takes throne of Tyre

820 BC

Carthage is founded

814 BC

Greek Dark Ages end

800 BC

Homer is born

800 BC