Untitled timeline


Alexander the Great founds Alexandria in Egypt

331 BCE

Alexander the Great dies

323 BCE

Reign of Ptolemy I

305 BCE - 285 BCE

Ptolemy founds the Museum of Alexandria

300 BCE

Reign of Ptolemy II

285 BCE - 246 BCE

The Torah is translated into Greek

250 BCE

Assassination of Julius Ceasar

44 BCE

Octavian defeats Cleopatra VII and Marc Antony

31 BCE

Reign of Agustus Ceasar

30 BCE - 14 CE

Alexandria is destroyed Kitos War

115 CE

Hypatia is born in Alexandria, Egypt

375 AD

Hypatia begins teaching at the University of Alexandria

390 CE

Theophilus destroys pagan temples in Alexandria

391 CE

Hypatia is murdered by a Christian mob

415 CE