Computer Timeline




1940 - 1945

The First computers were made to break codes and aim guns
The businesses started using them for consensus and data storage. They were still large and bulky

The Silicon Chip

1970 - 1973

people dicovered how to fit computer info into a small silicon chip. the computers became smaller and more powerful !
computer moniters were also made. these sort of things generalised the ability of the public to use computers.

First Laptop

august 1978 - september 1978

the first ever laptop was made. it was later recalled.

Wordstar is Developed

january 1979 - december 1979

people realised that computers were more then just high-tech calculators. they started to gain the sort of look we are familiar with today.

first mac

january 1 1984 - january 24 1984

Steve Jobs creates the first apple Macintosh computer. the public release date is january 24th

Windows 8

2012 - 2013

Windows releases the innovative3 new windows 8. it make a new standard for computers