abortion history

when abortion was first seen

1776 bc

It was first seen in ancient Greece

when abortion became popular


healing women would do abortions with out any tools but then the government trained the women to do it

when abortion had its first law


abortion had its first state law against it

abortion became a sin in the catholic church


abortion became a sin in the catholic church because it wasint respecting human rights

abortion was illegal in all of the u.s.


abortion was illegal in all states unless it was to save the women

when abortions first legal laws


abortion legal laws started to show up because women protested for rights and one of the laws was a abortion was legal if the women was under 15 or was raped

when the catholic and most religions started to protest


in 1976 almost all religions started to protest on abortion because it was int human to kill babies

Tennessee requires death certificate for aborted fetus


in Tennessee aborted fetus require a death certificate