Untitled timeline


Eastern woodland Indians

1000 B.C. - 1001

The Eastern Woodland Indians were a group of Indians that were spread over the whole east coast. They relied on the forests for food and protection.


1500 - 1790

This is when the government controls foreign trade to protect the country as a whole.

San Miguel de Gualdape


This was the first slave rebellion recorded in the New World.

Triangle Slave Trade

1580 - 1860

Triangle Trade was the trading of slaves to America, raw materials to England, and processed materials to Africa.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1773

The 13 colonies were the original United States. They were owned by England.

Proprietary Colony


This type of colony was were the people in it were ruled by a Monarch from their mother country.

Rice and Indigo Trade


The Rice and Indigo Trade were two very profitable corps grown in South Carolina.

Stono Rebellion


No slave uprising had ever been bigger than the Stono Rebellion before the Revolutionary War. It led to stricter Slave Codes.