Mid Term Timeline


Eastern Woodland Indians

100 - 900

They are Native Americans that lived in the eastern part of the US.

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 - 1527

The first European settlement in the US.


1560 - 1700

The policy and theory in Europe from the 16th to 18th century that called for government control of foreign trade.

Proprietary Colony

1600 - 1700

A colony given to a proprietor to govern.

Royal Colony

1600 - 1700

A colony ruled directly by the king.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1733

The first 13 colonies in North America that the British settled in.

Slave Codes


Laws that the US made to restrict slaves.

Rice and Indigo Trade

1680 - 1750

Two cash crops both grown in South Carolina.

Triangle Slave Trade

1700 - 1800

The trade among three regions that traded slaves, cash crops, and manufactured goods.

Yemasee War

1715 - 1717

A war between the British and different Native American tribes. The British won in the end.

Stone Rebellion


A slave rebellion that happened in SC. It was the largest slave rebellion in the colonies before the American Revolution.

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

One of a series of wars between the British and the French.

Cherokee War

1758 - 1761

A war between the British and Cherokee tribes during the French and Indiana War.

Sugar Act

1764 - 1766

The British place a tax on sugar to earn more money.

Regulator Movement

1765 - 1771

A North and South Carolina uprising.

Stamp Act

1765 - 1766

The British placed a tax on certain document such as newspapers and contracts.

Sons of Liberty


A group of American Patriots who protected the colonists and opposed the British.

Tea Act

1773 - 1861

An attemt by the British to have control of tea trade.

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

A war between the 13 colonies and Great Britain. The 13 colonies wanted thier independence.

Declaration of Independence


A document that said that the American 13 colonies were separated from Great Britain.

South Carolina Constitution


The first independent government in the 13 colonies.

Articles of Confederation


The first constitution of the 13 colonies. The declaration if independence was its replacement.

Battle of Camden


A battle during the revolutionary war. It was a big win for the British.

Battle of Kings Mountain


Another battle that occurred during the revolutionary war in Kings Moutsin NC. The Patriots won.

Battle of Eutaw Springs


The last major battle during the revolutionary war in the Carolinas.

Battle of Cowpens


Another battle that occurred during the revolutionary war in South Carolina. It was the turning point of the war.

3/5 Compromise

1787 - 1865

A compromise made between the north and the south which said that slaves counted as 3/5 of a person when dealing with taxes and representation.

Great Compromise


A debate during the constitutional convention that was about how many representatives each state should have.

Commerce Compromise


A compromise made between the north and south during the constitutional convention that said the government should control commerce.



The set of laws made for the united states. It was made at the Constitutional Convention.

Cotton Trade


The trade of cotton between the us and European countries.

Cotton Gin


A machine made by Eli Whitley which made the separating the seeds from cotton faster and easier.

Embargo Act

1807 - 1809

The act that said that American ships were not allowed to sail to foreign ports.

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

A conflict between the United Sates and Great Britain

William T. Sherman

1820 - 1891

A union soldier that believed in total war.

Plantation System

1820 - 1860

A way to earn money from growing crops and slaves usually worked on these plantations.

Denmark Vesey Plot


An attamepted slave uprising lead by Denmark Vesey in Charleston SC.

Abolitionist Movement

1830 - 1870

People that were against slavery and wanted to abolish it.

Nullification Controversy


A disagreement between some states and Andrew Jackson about tariffs.

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

A freed African American who became a politician and sea captain.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


Act that made Kansas and Nebraska new lands for settlement.

Dred Scott Decision


Said that the government had could not regulate slavery in the states and that African Americans were not protected by the Constitution and were not citizens.

Election of 1860


The election when Abraham Lincoln was elected.



Person who withdraws from an organization or group.

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

A government made by southern states that was separated from the US.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

A war between the north and the south. One of the reasons for it happening is the abolishment of slavery.

Ft Sumter


The first shots of the civil war were fired here.

Port Royal


One of the earliest battles in the civil war. Port Royal was captured.

Total War


Instead of just battles, you take war to the civilians and their homes and destroy them.

Lincoln's Assasination


Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, while watching a play,by John Wilkes Booth.