Ancient Athens

History and War

Mycenaean Age

1500 BC - 1200 BC

Earliest Civilization based on mainland Greece

Trojan War

1194 BC - 1184 BC

Traditional Dating of the Trojan War

Archaic Age

750 BC - 478 BC

Greek colonization of the shores of the Mediterranean

Invasion of Greece by the Persians

480 BC

Evacuation and sack of Athens.

1st Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 421 BC

Temporary Peace

421 BC

Peloponnesian War Continues

418 BC - 404 BC

Roman Age

330 BC - 168 BC

Roman occupation of Greece, traditional end of Athenian way of life.

Governmental Change

Archon Position Changed

683 BC

Archons now number 9 instead of 1 and are elected yearly.

Reforms of Solon

594 BC

Introduction of coinage and systems of measurement, attempts of democratic reform.

Reforms of Cleisthenes

508 BC

Set government on democratic footing.

Delian League Lead by Athens

477 BC

Democratic Reforms of Ephialtes

462 BC

Pericles Rises to Power

460 BC - 429 BC

Continues to be an influential figure in Athens until his death in 429.

Rule of 30 Tryrants

404 BC

Athens surrenders, losing the war.

Restoration of Democracy

403 BC

Fall of 30 tyrants

City Developments

First Olympic Games

776 BC

Black-Figure Pottery Appears

630 BC

Athens devolps the black-figure method of pottery decoration

Red-Figure Pottery Begins

530 BC

Traditional red-figure pottery is devolped in Athens

Wall built

458 BC - 456 BC

Connects Athens to port city of Piraeus

Construction of Parthenon and Hephaisteion Begin

447 BC

Pericles leads project.

Plague in Athens

430 BC

Kills thousands, including Pericles.

Death of Pericles

429 BC

Construction of The Temple of Athena Nike

420 BC

Trial and Execution of Socrates

399 BC

Athenian Academy Founded

380 BC

Plato establishes the Athenian Academy.