Accord Research Faction Timeline

This is a timeline for a fictional storyline within the Mind's Eye Society Accord venue beginning in 2013.

Accord Main Timeline

This is a timeline of metaplot information for the Accord venue.

First Recorded Incursion


The first Incursion is recorded.

First Reality Abomination


John Smith encounters his first Reality Abomination.

Concord redrafted


John Smith returns to the Council, which is now reduced to a handful of aging believers. He revitalizes it, the Concord is redrafted into an official charter and the Accord is created. A changeling named Red Tape appears unbidden at the first meeting to serve as secretary.

First Cells


The Council begins gathering data that leads them to find other supernaturals who have dealt with incursions. They are recruited into the first Cells.

Site XV Quarantined & Destroyed

03/01/2002 - 04/21/2002

A small city known as Site XV is Quarantined after a number of incursions are witnessed. Urban Legends in the area of Tennessee talk about an old mining town in the Mountains that disappeared in a flood caused by damage done to North Dam. The city is eliminated and the destruction is covered up.

Udjat Rediscovery


Red Tape locates the lore required to begin creating Udjat again.

Incursions under Control


The incursions seem to be under control, with most active ones being eliminated.

Agent Langley enters Tear


Against John Smith's direct orders, Frank Langly leads a large number of active Cells into a Tear to try to eliminate the source of the Incursions. The Tear closes but the incursions do not stop.

The Leader of Church of Ultimate Truth Captured


The leader of the Church of Ultimate Truth is captured and interrogated, leading to discovery of the connection between belief in The Truth and the souls of those killed in incursions.

Langly Massacre


Frank Langly appears at the Central Council meeting and kills over 100 Cell agents and the entire regional directorship.

Accord Recruitment Effort

01/01/2011 - 05/31/2013

A massive recruitment effort is started.

Researcher Faction

This will detail events connected specifically to the Researcher Faction within the Accords.

Intiial Gathering

03/01/2000 - 05/31/2000

Red Tape begins gathering researchers, librarians, analysts and others together to discuss the forming of a new group within the Accord. These would later come together as the first members of the Vault.

Founding of the Vault


The Vault is founded at the request of Council member Red Tape in order to combine research capabilities for the new Accord. Previously independent members (list of names) become the first researchers, archivists, and scientists of the Vault.

Mutations Research


Side effects of multiple conflicts between Cells and multiple incursions are brought to (insert character name) for research. Other members of the Vault are consulted as the nature of mutations start to be cataloged with mixed results. Research is ongoing.

Unique Coding Developed (Scratch this for now)

09/26/2001 - 05/15/2002

Linguist (Insert character name) introduces a new coding system to the Vault for encrypting and decrypting documents for when they are outside a secure facility. Members spend the next 9 months learning the new system and converting files.

(Insert City) Incursion Prevented


Powerful incursion event in (insert city) by entities seeming immune to traditional methods. Research faction determines a weakness previously unknown and the incursion stopped.

Records Conversion

12/27/2004 - 01/13/2007

Widespread effort to update Accord records and convert to electronic format in series of secure servers. This effort is championed by (insert character name) after the loss of all records contained at (insert location.)

Tomb of **** Discovered


The tomb of Warrior priest (insert name) discovered by field agents. A number of artifacts of unknown origin or power are acquired and stored in various secure Vault facilities around the world.

Loss of Top Researchers


Theoretical Reality Specialist Patti Reid, Ancient Mythologist Augustus of Thebes, and the Living Computer ASK, each heads of their respective fields, are among the many killed by Langly. Council member Red Tape cuts ties with the Vault after the massacre.

Turmoil within the Vault

07/01/2010 - 12/15/2010

The ranks of the Vault are in turmoil after the loss of many of their top echelon, and some members wanted to leave, almost causing the Division itself to fold. However, the Vault remains.