human tooth fossil making this fossil the oldest human fossil

1,200,000 b.c - 1,199,999 b.c

cave paintings made

15,000 b.c - 14,999 b.c

the walls of Altamira cave paintings of horses deer and bison

carthage vs rome

240 b.c - 201 b.c

spain valuable metals becomes hotspot for carthage and rome

war between spain and Muslims

694 a.d - 711 a.d

war has many conflicts and death of king Egica who accused jews of helping the Muslims

The Great Mosque of cordoba(spain)

789 a.d - 976 a.d

The Great Mosque of Cordoba (Spain) was completed and was used as a religious, social and educational center. The largest of the 70 libraries in Cordoba contained 500,000 volumes. 70,000 books a year were hand-copied for the citizens

Coimbra, Portugal, fell to Ferdinand, the King of Castile.

1064 a.d - 1065 a.d

Alfonso VI, Spanish Christian ruler, took Toledo, Spain, from the Moslems

1084 a.d - 1085 a.d

the first travel book was written

1130 a.d - 1131 a.d

The first travel book was written by a French priest about travel on the Camino de Santiago (the road of St. James) in northern Spain

Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa

1212 a.d - 1213 a.d

Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa the end of Muslim power in Spain.

the Great Mosque of Cordoba was transformed

1236 a.d - 1237 a.d

In Spain the Great Mosque of Cordoba was transformed into a cathedral after King Ferdinand III captured the city from the Moors.

Christopher Columbus

1492 a.d - 1493 a.d

Christopher Columbus leaves Spain and claims Cuba for Spain and comes back conferring new land

slaves of Spain

1502 a.d - 1503 a.d

Spain legalizes slaves to the new land


1506 - 1507

Christopher Columbus die still believing he found Asia