History of Ireland

By: Lindsay Young


First Settlement

6000 BC

First settlement of Ireland was in 6000 BC by hunters and fishers along the island's eastern coast.

Gaek People Settled

600 BC

Gaek (Celtic speaking people from western Europe) settled between 600-150 BC.

Five Different Kingdoms

0 BC

At year 0, Ireland was organized into five different kingdoms.

Saint Patrick

432 AD

A sixteen year old boy was captured during an Irish raid on Roman Britain. He later escaped and returned to England to study theology. He went back to Ireland six years later and converted the Irish to Christianity. He is now know as Saint Patrick.

United Church was Formed

1152 AD

In 1152, four provinces were created and Gaelic and Danish elements helped form a United Church.

English Invasion

1168 AD

In 1168, the English invaded the island of Ireland.

Normans Settled

1200 AD

From 1100- 1400, Normans from England moved to Ireland and settled in the eastern parts (paticularly Dublin).

Law Seperated Populations

1367 AD

In 1367, a law was passed to keep the Irish and English populations seperate in Ireland.

English Law Extended

1495 AD

Henry IIV extended English law over all of Ireland in 1495.

Devasating Famine

1840 AD

Potato crops failed resulting in a devastating famine. The population dropped from 8.2 million to 6.6 million from 1841- 1851 due to starvation, disease, and imigration.

Joined EEC

1972 AD

In 1972, The Republic of Ireland joined the European Economic Community.

21, 23, 26 Amendments Passed

June 7, 2001 AD

June 7, 2001, the 21st, 23rd, and 26th amendments to the constitution were passed and ratified, which resulted in a universal ban on the death penalty in Ireland.