Afghanistan War


Mohammed Daud seizes power in a coup and declares a republic.


Nur Mohammad Taraki signs a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union.


Conservative leaders objecting to social changes by Khan begin an armed revolt


General Daud is overthrown and killed in a coup. Soviet intervention.


Mujahadeen is created to battle the Soviet-backed government.

June 1978

Soviet Red Army invades and props up communist government.

December 1979

Babrak Karmal installed as ruler, backed by Soviet troops.


Afghan guerrillas control rural areas; Soviets hold urban areas.


Mujahideen come together in Pakistan to form alliance against Soviet forces.


Najibullah elected president of the puppet Soviet state


Osama bin Laden and 15 other Islamists form the group al-Qaida to fight Soviets.


The Mujahadeen recieve arms from the United States.


US supplies mujahideen with missiles, so they can shoot down Soviets.


Afghanistan, USSR, sign peace accords. Soviet Union begins pulling out troops.


Afghan guerrillas name Sibhatullah Mojadidi head of their exiled government


Soviet Union promises Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 troops


The Mujahadeen resist the Soviet-backed regime of president Najibullah


Civil war continues as mujahideen push to overthrow Najibullah.


Islamic militia, the Taliban, rise to power: promise peace


The Mujahadeen remove Najibullah from power.


Taliban seize control of Kabul and introduce hard-line version of Islam


The Taliban publicly executes Najibullah.


Taliban now control two-thirds of Afghanistan


Bin Laden accused of bombing US embassies in Africa


US launches missile strikes at suspected bases of bin Laden.


Afghanistan won’t hand over Osama bin Laden for trial.


So UN imposes an air embargo and financial sanctions.


Taliban destroy Buddhist statues saying they are an affront to Islam.


bin Laden is thought to be hiding in Afghanistan


The United Nations punishes Afghanistan with sanctions restricting trade.


The Taliban decline to put bin Laden on trial for embassy bombings.


Ahmad Shah Masood is assassinated.

September 2001

U.S. officials say bin Laden is the prime suspect in the terrorist attacks.

September 11 2001

Hijacked planes crash into twin towers, pentagon, and pennsylvania field

September 11 2001

After Taliban refuse to turn over bin Laden, U.S launch airstrikes.

October 2001

US-led bombing of Afghanistan begins after September 11 attacks.

October 2001

The Taliban proclaim they are ready for jihad.

October 7, 2001

Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance forces enter Kabul after US bombing.

November 2001

Hamid Karzai named head of an interim government.

December 2001

Osama bin Laden escapes during The Battle of Tora Bora.

December 2001

Taliban surrender the group's final Afghan territory, the province of Zabul.

December 7, 2001

Afghan Islamic Press declare "the rule of the Taliban has totally ended."

December 9 2001

Hamid Karzai is sworn in as the leader of the interim government

December 20 2001

First US soldier dies due to hostile fire.

January 2002

Loya Jirga elects Hamid Karzai as interim head of state.

June 2002

Vice President Abdul Qadir assassinated in Kabul.

July 6 2002

Nato takes control of security in Kabul.

August 2003

loya jirga considers the proposed Afghan Constitution.

August 2003

Constitution approved by loya jirga.

January 2004

country’s first direct election, Hamid Karzai wins

October 2004

Afghans vote in first parliamentary elections in 30 years.

September 2005

The Afghanistan Compact is developed

February 2006

Operation Mountain Thrust launched

May 2006

Nato assumes responsibility for security across the whole of Afghanistan

October 2006

2008 Kandahar bombing is deadliest suicide bombing of the war.

February 2007

Opium production has soared to record high

August 2007

Suicide bomb attack on Indian embassy in Kabul kills 50.

July 2008

US President George Bush sends an extra 4,500 US troops to Afghanistan.

September 2008

US President Barack Obama unveils new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

March 2009

US President Obama boosts US troop numbers by 30,000-total to 100,000.

December 2009

Wikileaks publishes classified US military documents on Afghanistan.

July 2010

Nato agrees to hand control of security to Afghan forces by end of 2014.

November 2010

Parliamentary polls marred by Taliban violence and fraud.

December 2010

Osama bin Laden killed by Navy SEALs in Abbottabad

May 1 2011

US troops pledge to stay after 2014, when foreign troops leave the country.

November 2011

US Army Sgt Robert Bales is accused of killing 16 civilians in an armed rampage.

March 2012

Nato summit endorses the plan to withdraw foreign combat troops by 2014.

May 2012