Louis and matt


Jane Addams


She founded Hull house and it offered day care services, libraries, classes and an employment bureau.

Reform Movement Project

1890 - 2013

Booker T Washington Speech


Washington, from Alabama gave his Speech in Atlanta. Also known as the Atlanta Compromise Speach. His speech started heated civil rights debattes throughout the country. It was a chance for him to promote his agenda rather than protest racism.

Margaret Sanger


she wrote articles on birth control and sent them out in the 1900's

king Phillip


1911 the settlement house in fall river were doing research and the settlement house leaders formed the National Settlement house League to share expertise and coordinate programs



Truman signs the Executive order in 9981 which states, "it is hearby declared to be the policy of the president that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services withought regard to race, color, religion, or national origin."

Supreme Court


the supreme court rules on the landmark case Brown v. Board of education of Topeka, Kans, unanimously agreeing that segregation in public schools in unconstitutional.

James Meredith


The first black student to enroll at the University of mississippi. Violence and riots surrounding the incident cause President Kennedy to send 5,00 federal troops.