Tudor Period Saffy and Taylor


Tudor period

1485 - 1603


King Henry VII

1485 - 1509

He was the first Tudor monach to rule Britan. He won the war of the roses against Richard III. He was nicknamed Harri Tudur because he was the first Tudor king. He died of widespread abuses.

King Henry VIII

1509 - 1547

He was the second British monach in the Tudor Period. He was famous for his six wives. He died because he had eaten too much meat and had got gout.

King Edward VI

1547 - 1553

He was the third Tudor monach to rule Britan. He was crowned when he was nine but saddly died of neumonia at the age of thirteen. He died because he had neomonia. He never married and he loved to read and write in greek.

Queen Mary I

1553 - 1558

Queen Mary was the first queen in the Tudor Period. She used to burn protestants. Thats why she had the nickname "Bloody Mary". Her cousin Lady Jane Grey was a queen for nine days before her because Edward VI didnt want her to be queen because of religous diffrences.

Queen Elizibeth I

1558 - 1603

The very last Tudor monach. In goverment, Elizibeth I was more moderate than her dad and half-brother and sister. She was sometimes called Gloriana. Elizibeth was the last Tudor monarch because she had not married and so she hadnt had any children.

Tudor Wars

War of the roses

1455 - 1487

The Wars of the Roses were a series of civil wars fought in medieval England. The war of the roses was also called the battle of Bothworths. The Tudors were the red rose of Lanchaster and the white rose was the York rose.

Sapish Armada

1588 - 1589

The Spanish Armada sailed to England in 1588. Spanish Armada was the name of the ships aswell as the war. The Spanish sent 130 ships fitted with 2,500 guns. They carried 30,000 soldiers and sailors.

Famous people

John Cabot

1450 - 1498

John Cabot was born in Italy and was an explorer of Italian origin. He came to live in England during the reign of Henry VII and is best known for his explorations made under the English flag. In 1497 Cabot sailed west from Bristol, on his ship, the Matthew, hoping to find a shorter route to Asia. After a month, he discovered an unknown land – he called it 'new found land', today still known as Newfoundland in Canada.

Christopher Columbus

1451 - 1506

Christopher Columbus was the first man to reach America in a ship. His smallest ship was nicknamed Nina ( Spanish for girl). Its real name was Santa Clara. His biggest ship was named Santa Maria which was less than 23m long.

Leonardo da Vinci

1452 - 1519

Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa as well as The Last Supper. He also was a Engineer and an inventor. He claimed to be able to create all sorts of machines both for the protection of a city and for siege.

John Hawkins

1532 - 1595

John Hawkins was the cousin of Sir Fancis Drake. He was the first English man to trade slaves. He bought slaves in west Africa and sold them to the Spanish colinies in the West Indies, ofen raiding Spanish ships as he went there.

Sir Fancis Drake

1540 - 1596

Drake, who was an incredibly bold and brilliant sailor, captured more than his fair share of Spanish ships. His pirate raids on Spanish ships off the coast of America were encouraged by Queen Elizabeth I. Drake's successful battles against the Spanish helped England become a major sea power.

Sir Walter Raleigh

1554 - 1618

Sir Walter Raleigh was a famous poet and explorer. He led many expeditions to America and introduced tobacco and the potato into England. He chose the name of the first English colony in America. He named it Virginia after Queen Elizabeth.

William Shakespeare

1564 - 1616

William Shakespeare was a famous play write in the Tudor period. He wrote Romeo and Juliet. His first play was Henry VI and his last was Henry VIII. In Shakespeare's will he left his wife the second best bed. Shakespeare has six diffrent signitures.