WWII Timeline

Mrs. Davidson's class


Japanese successfully invade Manchuria

September 18 1931

Hitler is appointed the Chancellor of Germany by President Von Hindenburg

January 30 1933

Hitler abolishes office of Pres. Becomes leader of Germany. Von Hindenburg dies

January 30 1933

FDR begins his presidency of the US

March 4 1933

Italy invades Ethiopa

August 26 1933

Nazi party institutes the Nuremberg Laws


Germany invades the Rhineland area

January 1936

Jesse Owens wins four gold medals at the Olympics in Berlin

August 3 1936

US passes the Neutrality Acts

May 1 1937

The Sudetenland area is ceded to Germany through0 he Munich Pact


Germany invades Austria

March 12 1938

FDR gets permission from congress to expand the navy

May 17 1938

Kristallnacht occurs

November 9, 1938

Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression pact is signed

August 1939

Germany invades Poland

September 1 1939

Britain and France declare war on Germany

September 3 1939

Battle of the Atlantic occurs

1940 - 1942

Germany invades Denmark and Norway

April 9 1940

Germany invades Belgium

May 1940

German forces trap French & British troops forcing them to retreat to Dunkirk

May 1940

Hitler takes over France and divides it into zones

June 22 1940

Tripartite Pact is signed and the Axis Powers are formed

September 27 1940

Battle of Britain begins

October 1940

FDR signs the Lend-Lease Act

March 11 1941

FDR and Winston Churchill negotiate the Atlantic Charter

August 1941

Tojo takes control of Japan and forces the government to resign

October 1941

Japan attacks Pearl Harbour

December 7 1941

FDR issues Executive Order 9066 establishing internment of Japanese Americans

February 1942

US surrenders Bataan in the Philippines & Bataan Death March take place

March 1942

Tokyo is bombed in the Doolittle Raid

April 18 1942

Battle of the Coral Sea takes place

May 4 1942

Allies defeat Japan in the Battle of the Midway

June 1942

Germans attack the Soviet Union at Stalingrad

August 1942

Allied troops land in North Africa

November 1942

Allied troops storm Guadalcanal

January 1943

Axis troops surrender in USSR

March 1943

Last troops of the Afrika Korps surrender to the allies

May 1943

D-Day takes place

June 6 1944

Allies invade the island of Sicily

July 10 1944

MacArthur fulfills his promise and returns to the Philippines

October 20 1944

Battle of the Bulge occurs

December 16 1944

Russian troops discover Auschwitz

January 27 1945

Yalta Conference takes place

February 4 1945

American forces capture Iwo Jima

March 1945

Allied forces invade Okinawa

April 1 1945

Franklin Roosevelt dies

April 12 1945

Hitler commits suicide

April 30 1945

V-E day

May 8 1945

Potsdam Conference takes place

July 1945 - August 1945

US drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 1945

Japan surrenders

August 15 1945