Ricki Rood-Timeline

8 significant personal events 2 influential local/world events




On March 11th 1995, I was born. I was the youngest child and born on my father, Rick, 40th birthday. This is the start of my life and how everything started!

Elementary School


In 2000, it was my first year in Elementary school. I was impacted by this greatly because it was the very first time I was without both of my parents daily. Also, this was the start of my education and my first time interacting with kids my age. This allowed me to find and show my personality to others.



On September 11th, 2001, there was a horrific world changing attack on the United States. I was a young child in class when this incident occurred. I didn't understand what happened during the time, but I saw the way the staff acted, the screams and the cries and it impacted my life forever.

The Move


My only sister got married and moved to Tennessee to follow her husband whom was in the militaryin 2005. Erica and I have a 14 year age difference, but she was then, and still is now my absolute best friend. To have her up and leave was very hard for me to understand and changed our relationship. It was the very first time someone close to me left.

Middle School


In September of 2006, I started my first year in Middle School. It was an extreme change from Elementary School. Peer groups drastically started to influence the way I dressed, acted and what I enjoyed to do. I also realized how important school is and to keep my school work up always.



In 2008, the entire economy fell into a nationwide recession. This recession influenced me because my father owns a small business and had trouble keeping the business up and going. During this hard time it changed my family and personal life because we had to be careful with what we used our money on until the economy picked up.

Drivers License


I turned 16 years old and recieved my drivers license during my Sophmore year in 2010. This impacted my life because I had more freedom and was able to drive myself around. It gave me a huge feeling of accomplpishment and made me feel like an adult.

Senior Year


2012 marked the very last year of my High School career. Many important decisions were coming my way such as where to attend College and what to do with my life. I made my decision on pursuing my dream to be an OBGYN Nurse and attend Grand Valley State University. My senior year was impacted by "friends" turning into "strangers." I learned to cherish the close friends I did have, my boyfriend of three years and my wonderful family. I had feelings of worry, fright, happiness and sadness. The memories I had throughout my Senior Year will stay in my mind forever.