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Abraham's Birth

Feb. 12, 1809

Born to Nancy and Thomas Hanks, in the famous one-room log cabin in modern day Kentucky.

Death of Nancy Hanks Lincoln

5 Oct. 1818

Abraham Lincoln's mother perished due to a milk sickness.

Abe Leaves

July 1831

Abraham Lincoln leaves his family to go off on his own, making his way to New Salem at 22 years old.

Facing Defeat

August 1832

After being defeated when he ran for a seat in the Illinois General Assembly as a candidate for the Whig Party, Lincoln began to have his burning desire to get involved in more ambitious political ventures.

First Victory

4 Aug. 1834

For the first time, Lincoln achieved his goal of being elected to the Illinois General assembly, as a member of the Whig Party.

Marriage to Mary

4 November 1842

Lincoln and Mary are wed in the home of Mary's sister.

Birth of Their Son

1 August 1843

Mary and Lincoln's first child is born, Robert Todd Lincoln.

The Second Son

10 March 1846

Edward baker Lincoln is born, their second child.

US House of Representatives

3 August 1846

Lincoln was elected to a seat in the US House of Representatives, part of the Thirtieth Congress. He represented the Whig Party.

Abolishing Slavery in the Capital


Lincoln proposes legislation in the US House of Representatives to abolish slavery in D.C.

Death of His Son

1 Feb. 1850

Edward Lincoln died in the family home due to an illness, at the age of 3.

The Third Son

21 Dec 1850

William Wallace Lincoln was born.

The Final Child

4 April 1853

Thomas Lincoln was born.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

30 May 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska act passed, effectively pulling Lincoln back into the political world.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

21 August 1858 - 15 Oct. 1858

Spurred by their competition for a spot in the US Senate were a series of 7 debates.

Elected President

6 Nov. 1860

Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States.

Lincoln Gives Farewell Address

11 Feb. 1861

Final Emancipation Proclamtion is Issued

1 Jan 1863

Gettsyburg Address

18 Nov 1863

Lincoln gives his most famous speech.

Lincoln's Death

14 April 1865 - 15 April 1865

Lincoln is shot in Ford's Theater while watching a play. He dies the next day at 56 years old.