My Timeline






When I was 2 or 3 years old, and was told "no" by mother in store, I would get whoopings in the store bathroom.

Moved to East Oakland


Moved from grandmother's house to Auntie Net house in East Oaland on Parker Street.

Started School


Started Elementary school at Parker Elementary. I was in Ms. C's class. She was hella mean but was a great teacher.

Met "G"


Met "G" and she molested me in Ms. Pat's house two doors down from my house. I was just starting to get into trouble at school. I was in the second grade and had just finished Speech. I moved to live with my dad, my momma and grandma's house on 84th and D street in the deep (deep east Oakland). My brother was in middle school and I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. That didn't work so we moved back to my auntie's house but was there only for a minute then we moved to the West.

2nd grade


If told "no", I would start tripping. I was spoiled by my mom. I got everything I desired. It was hard for me to hear "no" in school. When I got home, my mom would whoop me for getting into trouble at school. When she would try to talk to me after, I would zone out.

Third grade


In the third grade at Prescott Elementary in Mr. Briggs class.

4th grade


In the 4th grade in Ms. Wright's class. A boy named Allen and I fought all the time about stupid stuff. We were best friends. He moved that year. Had problems in school. I changed my dress to "GQ" style and got teased for being gay. I got good grades, was in band, football, and was a circus clown. I was into girl at this time.

I first ran away in 4th grade. I had got into trouble at school and was afraid that my mom would whoop me when I got home. I did not go home that day. I went to the park and library instead. I was only gone for 5 hours.

I got into regular fights at school with classmates.
While in Green Valley (West Oakland), I saw someone get robbed. I was "stuck". i felt bad for the person but started thinking that I could get a lot of money if I did that and I could get away with it.
Started to want to live alone and be by myself, so I went on "mini runaways". I would find money somehow or people would give me money.

5th Grade


Kicked out of band for going off on classmate and teacher. I could not attend an event that was important to me

I started to make money off of scamming people. I would claim that I was a part of a basketball team. It was dangerous and would get chased and people would threaten to call the police.

During this time, I began to runaway for longer periods of time (3-4 months) with my patnas. We would stay at hotels. Even though I was the youngest, I tended to be the head honcho.

One day, I missed the Bart train and had to sleep outside at a bus stop. During the night, I saw homeless white people. They looked clean. That is when I came alive and became more attuned with my surroundings. I became determined to make money out of fear that I would end up like the homeless.

During my runaways, I would do my homework because I didnt want to be dumb.