Chinese Dynasties


Shang Dynasty

1766 BC - 1122 BC

Founded by a rebel king who overthrew the last Xia ruler.(
Flourished in the arts, music, and agricuture.( " ")
Lasted over 600 years and was ruled over the pass of the years by 30 diferent rulers( " ")

Zhou Dynasty

1045 BCE - 256 BCE

Was the Dynasty that introduced the use of iron(
Created a feudal system with feudal lords beneath them and laborers beneath the lords.
Firsts ones to use the mandate of heaven.(

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 206 BC

archeologists discovered the terracotta army, guarding the tomb of the first emperor.(
Standardized the writing of China and allowed nobility to communicate across the country.(" ")
Started building the great wall in the north.(" ")

Han Dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE

Founded by a peasant rebel leader, Liu Bang.(
Created the silk road, and trade between Rome and other European countries began to increase over the years.(
Art was very popular since the Qin Dynasty had burned almost all of their litrature.(

Sui Dynasty

581 - 617

Although it lasted nothing compared to other dynasties, it had a variety of religions being spread at the time.(
Flourished in trade and agriculture.(
One of the emperors built a grand canal that extended for about 2.5 miles and functioned as a way of transportation of people and goods.(

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

Went through a glorious period with Emperor Taizong as their leader. Commerce and trade flourished and there was no sign of corruption.(
Were overthrown by a rebellion that lasted eight years led by their own military.(
At the time, Chang'an was the most populous city in the world.(wikipedia,org)

Sung Dynasty

960 - 1279

First Dynasty to issue banknotes and paper money.(
First Dynasty to use gunpowder.(
First Dynasty to have a standing navy.(

Yuan Dynasty

1271 - 1368

With the use of paper money they stimulated trade and made great strides in science, astronomy, mathematics, and agriculture.(
Changed the name of their capital to Yuandadu.(
This Dynasty was a continuation of the Mongol Empire in China.(

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1644

Ruled with the largest navy and army seen at the time since their estimated population was around 200 million.(
Restored projects like the Great Wall and the Grand Canal.(
Prospered in literature, created, Yongle dadian, which was regarded as the biggest and earliest encyclopedia in the world.(

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1912

Last Dynasty to rule China.(

Republic of China

1911 - 2010

More commonly known as Taiwan, adopted the languages and religions that China had to offer.(
Adopted the Republic of China Constitution in December 25, 1947.(
Use the Taiwan dollar as their official currency.(

Mao Zedong

1943 - 1976

Chinese revolutionary, political leader who was also a leader of the communist party.(wikipedia,org)
His brand of communist ideas and policies are now known as Maoism.(
Through his policies he laid the economic, political, and technological groundwork for China to become a major world power.(

Deng Ziaopeng

1981 - 1989

Leader of the Communist party in China and led them to a market economy.(
Known for making Chinese economy what it is today and giving hundreds of millions of Chinese a better quality of life.(
Introduced China to global market and foreign investment.(