Columbus' Timeline


The Europeans explored America

1400 - 1625

The Europeans started to explore America in 1400 and ended their explore in 1625. The Eurpoeans wanted to explore America because they wanted to see what it was like and also wanted to see if the could make money off the land , like selling crops.

13 Colonies were discovered

1607 - 1700

13 Colonies was discovered in 1607. Columbus did not intend to travel America he was in jail and got permission to set out on a journey. Columbus did not know that America was between European and Asia.

Pilgrims land at Plymouth

1620 - 1776

The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth in 1620 and left 1776. They left because they wanted to have free religion, also because their were people on the ship getting sick and they needed more supplies.

The French and Inian war was started

1754 - 1763

The French and Indian war started in 1754 and ended 1763. They stareted the war because they were fighting over the land off the Ohio river and the native nations lived there.

Causes of the American Revolution

1775 - 1783

The causes of the American Revolution atarted 1775 and ended 1783. Some causes of the American Revolution were because of the Boston harbor or the Boston tea party,taxes on tea,sugar, and other good supplies.

Articals of the American Confederation

1777 - 1786

The Articals of Confederation began in 1777 and ended in 1786, They were written because the people needed laws to go by. this led to the making of the constitution.

The Constitutinal Convention

1787 - may 25 1787

The Constitution did not last very long it only lasted a couple of months. The convention was held to help the articals of confederation. But soon they relized that the job was impossibal.