Untitled timeline


Private (Parris Island, SC)

July 1962

Private (Parris Island, SC)

September 1962

Jacksonville, NC

November 1962

before Camp Lejeune

Promoted to Private First Class (Camp Lejeune, NC)

January 1, 1963

Private First Class; USS Boxer (floating around Haiti?)

May 1963

Promoted to Lance Corporal

October 1, 1963

Lance Corporal (Camp Pendleton, CA)

January 1964

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

February 1964

Lance Corporal; assigned a company (Hawaii)

March 1964

Lance Corporal; USS Princeton (Hawaii)

May 1964

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

June 1964


July 1964

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

September 1964

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

October 1964

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

November 1964

Charged w/ Article 129 (assault)--beat up Navy guy for calling him "chicken shit marine SOB"; charged dropped when Executive Officer wrote "I recommend that Foreman be given a day of special liberty or a weeks restriction for not killing him sooner"

Lance Corporal (Hawaii)

December 1964

Corporal (Hawaii)

January 1965

Corporal (Hawaii/Camp Pendleton, CA)

February 1965

Corporal (Okinawa)

April 1965

Corporal (on ship to Vietnam)

May 1965

Chu Lai Republic of Vietnam

June 1965

Corporal, Machine Gun Section Leader (Vietnam)

June 1965

Corporal (Vietnam)

July 1965

Corporal (Vietnam)

August 1965

Corporal (Vietnam)

September 1965

beat somebody up, called them a "worthless nigger" for sleeping on watch; reported to skipper

Relieved for racial discrimination (Vietnam)

September 26, 1965

became co-commander's bodyguard "for a few months" (job back at death?)

Letter from Jack to Red in Vietnam (in personal effects?)

November 1965

Died in Chu Lai Republic of Vietnam

December 16, 1965

Squad leader in 3rd platoon

Telegram from USMC

December 17, 1965

$10k Life Insurance Paid

December 21, 1965

Telegram: Remains in San Francisco

December 27, 1965

Letter from White House (LBJ?)

December 28, 1965

Buried at Shiloh

December 30, 1965

Personal Effects Letter

February 1966