Trystan Forscythe




Born in English territory, exact location unknown

Architect: Education

960 - 972

Trystan's genius in architectural design is quickly realized and for 12 years his talent is tested and put to work under the tutelage of some of England's greatest master builders, until his death in 972.

An Education in Undeath

972 - 997

Under the watchful eyes of his sire, Trystan spends 25 years learning about Kindred society, means and ways.

Deceased; Embraced


Embraced by Cedric of Lagherty, Brujah Elder.

Release from Servitude


After 25 years under the watchful eye of Cedric, Trystan was granted freedom from his sire's house and ventured into the world as a free cainite.

Christine, Magnum Opus

1008 - 1400

1133; Tremere diablerizes Saulot and the systemic hunt and execution of the Salubri begins. Trystan returns to work in the London sewers, establishing a secret "garden" of beautiful flowers and plants for his love so that she would have a safe and serene place to retreat to in the darkest times. By 1200, Salubri have been slandered and misrepresented to the extent that many believe the clan to be soul devouring abominations.

One True Friend; Rockworm

1207 - 2013

Trystan came to know of Gargoyles when he met Rockworm outside London, 1207. They would go on to become friends, and with the murder of Christine by the hands of the Tremere later on, the two formed a mutual disdain (or perhaps Hatred...) for the clan that had stolen so much from them both. Now with over 800 years of mutual history, the two are as close as ever, and Rockworm remains the only other to truly know what it is that Trystan has been tirelessly working toward for the the past several centuries...

The Betrayed; Cappadocians

1444 - 1800

Augustus Giovanni diablerizes Cappadocius, and the Giovanni continue to systematically hunt down and destroy almost the entire clan by the 19th century. Trystan returns (1450-1477) with Rockworm to defend Mort and his kin while the Camarilla sits idly.

Philidelphia; Defying the Camarilla

1687 - 2013

Sick of the corruption and betrayal of the Camarila, Trystan crossed the Atlantic ocean and settled in what would later become Philadelphia in 1701. As the colonies developed, Trystan would influence the politics of the colonies to ensure the importance of Philadelphia and to position himself in a manner to ensure not only his power but also his relative safety. Over time Philadelphia would rise to become a very powerful city to not only American society but also to the Kindred; Philly would become Trystan's perception of what a Kindred city should be, and would continue to be a bright, annoying light in the eyes of the Camarilla.