James O'Neill




Death & Bargain


Robert will die Feburary 7th, 1968, less than a week after the deadly Tet Offensive began. He makes the Bargain with a geist known as the Holy Engineer, a supposed servant of the God Machine.

Underworld (Vietnam)

2/7/1968 - 8/19/1968

My PC underwent the bargain February 7th, 1968, in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. After being resurrected, he is dragged into the Underworld by the ghosts unleashed upon the area by the war. Lost, injured, and completely unaware of his surroundings, he journeyed into the Great Below lead by his geist, the Holy Engineer. He wandered for weeks, forced to survive while honing his newfound powers, something was drawing him ever deeper though. It wasn't long after he came upon the Junkyard dominion, its laws demanding perfection through evolution calling out to him and his geist. What he didn't realize however, was that the dominion held no intention of letting him leave. He was stuck there for the next four months, every day the servants of the kerberoi asking if his design was ready to be tested. At first he almost enjoyed it, pit fighting to the cheers of a ghostly crowd, the constant surge for perfection, and discovering the limits of both himself and his geist, but the longer he stayed the deadlier each day became. Soon he was demanded more to fight, and when refused, threatened with the Crushers of the dominion. One day he was challenged by one of the leading ghosts of the arena, and despite his wishes, he was forced to fight. The fight raged for what seemed like hours before finally the creature took the upper hand, severing his arm before pausing to bask in his victory. Before the creature could react, O'Neill had uprooted one of the metal stakes around the arena and impaled it through its corpus. Before it could discorporate however, O'Neill took the opportunity to claim its arm as his own.

Artifact Hunter Events

5/20/1990 - 12/31/1999

After obtaining a temporary leave of absence from Zero Company, James goes on a series of artifact hunts for various interest groups and for his own personal collection.

The Irish Wake


James attends the Irish Wake in New York City to mourn the loss of those who were killed in the Regional Council Massacre. After a day, and long night, of drinking he gets into several fistfights with other Accord members and comes out worse for wear.

Brief Residence in Jacksonville

1/1/2013 - 1/30/2013

James resides briefly in Jacksonville, Florida, where he teaches a class for conceal and carry permits. During that time he meets an undergrad named Mietta de la Motte (Alicia Cameron) and teaches her basic firearms defense, as well as teaching her how to smith historical weapons. After this he left to be stationed on the island of Puerto Rico.

Military Service

Marines (Vietnam)

2/10/1963 - 2/7/1968



James enlists in the US Marines specializing in Engineering. He receives orders to be shipped out to boot camp in Parris Island, SC on March 23rd, 1963.

Boot Camp


Begins Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC and is there till June 22nd 1963.

Camp Lejune, NC


Receives training at Camp Lejune, NC, until July 20th, 1963, when he is transferred to his MOS School.



James is stationed in Okinawa for several months before being deployed into South Vietnam.

Chu Lai


James is deployed along the south coast of Danag at an airfield named Chu Lai.



After meeting up with another marine regiment, they proceeded to defend Chu Lai after fighting broke out with the 1st VietCong Battalion. The amphibious attack was initially slowed, however, the 3rd Battalion eventually advanced to the outskirts of the village of AnCuong 2. The division was pinned down there and had to fight their way back through VC lines before receiving support, and pushing them back that night.

Que Song Valley


The unit was repositioned to the Que Song Valley to prevent the North VietCong from taking over a town.

Operation Kings


The 3rd Battalion continued to do small unit sweeps and operations against the 1st VC Regiment in the Greater Danang area before taking part in Operation Kings. This misson sought to release the grip of power the VC had over the An Hao region, any hope at a quick victory was quickly dashed with the beginning of the Buddist Uprising less than a week later.



The unit began to see little action and was shipped back out to Vietnam, but only shortly before returning to Vietnam's Quang Tri province.

Quang Tri Province


the 3rd Marines returned to Vietnam to battle the North Vietnamese Army in the Quang Tri province. Supplies would be in constant short supply and Marines were constantly scavenging helmets, clothes, armor, and ammunition from their dead. Conditions would persist like this for some time, and the soldiers would suffer numerous casualties in the coming months.

Demilitarized Zone


The Marines had fought the VietCong Army along a portion of the Demilitarized Zone causing heavily casualties to both armies. The North Vietnamese retreat had allowed the men to move on to a series of engagements near Khe Sanh known as the Hill Fights.

Khe Sanh Hill Fights


Multiple battalions provided the ground support for the battle, and over the month managed to exhaust the VC approach. On the morning of April 30th, the Marines fired more than 250 bombs and 1200 artillery shells down on the 95th Regiment of the VC Army, both armies again suffering heavy losses.

Leatherneck Square


The battalion patrolled the supply lines along Route 9. After a firefight with the North Vietnamese army however the road was closed, and with many of the 3rd Marines having contracted malaria, they were moved to a series of fixed fortifications known as Leatherneck Square. Some of the heaviest fighting of the war would be fought in the 54 square mile area just south of the Demilitarized Zone. They would remain here till the beginning of the following year.

Zero Company

8/21/1968 - 5/18/1990

Found & Rescued


After spending over six months trying to escape the war ravaged landscape of the Vietnamese Underworld, James finally makes it back to the Mortal World and is discovered by a patrol lead by an Immortal Hunter (Alex Adragna). Noticing the supernatural essence within James, the Immortal notifies his superiors who have James transferred to Fort Harmon and into Zero Company.

Accord Service

Accord Corps of Engineers Formed


Accord Corps of Engineers is formed under the direction of James O’Neill (Chris Young) in response to the recent discoveries behind the Church of the Ultimate Truth. To combat the overwhelming threat of the Truth, a call is put out to all engineers of the supernatural community to come together and support the Accord under a common banner.

Recruits Liliana into A.C.E


The Stygian Council

The Stygian Council Formed


James O'Neill Forms the Stygian Council Krewe to combat Unreality.