Jewish history general timeline


reish galuta

597 B.C.E. - 1040 C.E.

jesus born

4 B.C.E.

jesus crucifixtion

33 C.E.

jews believe to live in arabian peninsula

35 C.E.

death of paul

65 C.E.

move from biet hamikdash to religious learnign under rabbinic authority

69 C.E.

siege and destruction of jerusalem and the second beit hamikdash

70 C.E.

writting of gospels

70 C.E. - 110 C.E.

last stand of jews at masada

73 C.E.


80 C.E. - 425 C.E.

bar kokhba rebellion

132 C.E. - 135 C.E.

hadrian renamed Judea to Palaestina

136 C.E.

writting of the mishna

200 C.E.

Nehardea is destroyed, putting more focus on the yeshivas in Sura and Pumbedita

259 C.E.

compilation of the talmud Yerushalmi

368 C.E.

compilation of the babylonian talmud

426 C.E.

birth of Mohammed

570 C.E.

Mohammed prophecy

610 C.E.

Mohammed's pilgrimage or Hijrah

622 C.E.

Mohammedans start to take over jewish tribes

624 C.E. - 627 C.E.

Mohammed dies

632 C.E.

mohammedans conquered Palestine

637 C.E.

pact of Omar or Umar

637 C.E.

Mohammedans conquer Egypt

640 C.E.

Caliph Umar decrees that Jews and Christian be removed from Arabia

641 C.E.

mohammedans take possession of almost the entire peninsula of spain

711 C.E.

Baghad Jews forced to wear a yellow badge

807 C.E.

fight broke out between the Reish Galuta and Sa'aida Ga'on

930 C.E.