Bismarck and Wilhelm I create Germany


Archduke Francis Ferdinand assassinated

June 28, 1914

First Battle of the Marne

September 3,1914

Lusitania sunk by German U-boat

May 1915

1,200 people killed, including 128 Americans

Stalemate between Allies and Central Powers


German attack on the French city of Verdun begins

February 1916

Attack lasts one year

German U-Boat attacks and sinks French passenger ship Sussex

March 1916

80 casualties were American

U.S. enters WWI


The Espionage Act of 1917


The Espionage Act is still in effect today.

Selective Service Act


U.S. decodes Zimmerman Note

March 1917

Bolsheviks overthrow Russian government and seize power

November 1917

Due to this, Russia becomes Communist.

Germany transfers all of its troops from the eastern to western front

March 1918

Russia signs Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

March 1918

This treaty was a peace agreement with the Central Powers.

National War Labor Board

April 1918

Helped workers and management avoid strikes and reach agreements. Also, it settled more than 1,000 labor disputes.

Second battle of the Marne starts

June 1918

American troops broeaks Greman lines on western front

November 1918

Influenza outbreak

November 1918 - 1919

800,000 were killed in the outbreak