Birth and Normal Life

03/14/1986 - 4/20/2004

Sean Jacob Rua is Born to Elaine (nee Evans) and Liam Rua. They live a relatively normal life in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

An Awakening Fire


The Rua Pub is burned down, killing Elaine and Liam. At this point, Sean's soul Awakens and he finds himself in Arcadia, where he signs his Name to the Tower of the Lunargent Thorn. Using his magic, he survives the blaze, but cannot save his parents. He retains the scars on his midsection.

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Life and interactions pertaining to Awakening


4/21/2004 - 6/12/2004

While coping in the hospital, Sean takes to learning the guitar. By the end of his stay, he puts on small performances for the patients and staff. It is obvious he is using Fate magic, which is helping the patient's recovery


6/13/2004 - 2008

At this point, Rhys begins busking on the streets and subways. Often when someone gives him money he makes sure to give them good luck.


6/13/2004 - 8/31/2004

At this point, Sean is approached by the Seers and the Orders, given the ground rules, and offered a position on either side.

Learning the Rules to Break Them


Sean, by now calling himself Rhys after his grandfather, declares himself an Apostate and neutral to the advances of the Pentacle Orders or the Throne.

Streets is Listening

September 2004 - December 2008

During this point, Rhys meets Streets, an Indigent Acanthus who lives on the subways apparently talking to himself. The two take on an odd Mentor/Student relationship.

Eventually, Rhys is inducted into Streets Legacy, the House of Ariadne.


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