The Alchemist


Dream Night


This is the night when Santiago had the dream about his treasure. This was the second time has had this dream and is very courious to find out what it means.

Day Santiago meets KIng Melchizedek


This is the day that Santiago meets a very friendly old man in the plaza of the town he currently is inafter going to see the gypsy woman to have her interperate his dream. He isnt in the mood to talk but in the end is very glad he talked to the old man.

Day after he met King Melchizedek


On this day Santiago brings six of his sixty sheep to give to Melchizedek. In return the king gives him two stomes named Urim and Thummim. Who knows, maybe they will be of some use in the future.

No sheep and no money


After he gives the King his six sheep, Santiago goes to his friend that owned the stable and sold him the rest of his sheep. With that money he managed to cross oer to Africa and go to a resteraunt and buy him a drink. A theif comes up to him and befriends him. He lost all his money when that man stole it later and wound up in a crystal merchaants shop cleaning and selling crystal for the next year.



This is the day that Santiago wakes up and knows that today is the day he has to leave. He has helped the crystal merchant and is very rich now that his ideas are in place at the crystal shop. Santiago makes his way to a caravan that is soon going to cross the desert to egypt.

Caravan Travel


This is the day he wakes up to realize he is in the desert and is going to be for a while. He is making friends very fast like he always does and becomes friends with a man who has traveled to tafara in search of an oasis where a very powerful alchemist lives. He has no idea what he is in for. He wants to become the alchemists apprentice and has leaned everything except the art itself.

This is the day they arrive at the oasis


They have been in the desert for a good long while and know exactly what has been happening in the desert while they travel. Many tribes have been at war and are planning on being at war until one side is defeated. They arive at the oasis and are greeted welcomely. Many women and children have taken refuge there and the oasis is very fuill. Many people haev to share tents and sleep on the floor.



This is the day that Santiago meets the love of his life. She is georgious and has the most enchanting voice ever. He cant believe that she wasnt engaged already. She was very helpful and he came to visit her everyday and when it cane time for him to leave she was very understanding.

Lazy day


This is the day when Santiago needs to clear his mind and so he goes and walks in the desert. HE sits at a pile of rocks for a while and then sees two birds flying in the sky. Imedietly his head is filled with a vision. Many men are attacking the oasis and the men of the oasis arent able to prepare fast enough and so many die and the men take over the oasis.But this doesnt happen because Santiago is able to warn the Tribal Cheiftains and make sure they are prepared.

Meeting the Alchemist


This night the Alchemist shows up out of know where and Santiago is taken by major surprise. He has apsolutely no idea what is going on when a sword is drawn and he is forced to the ground. He answers a few questions and then is told to come to the Alchemists tent in the morning with a horse. They go off and ride until Santiago finds life in the desert. They return and Santiago is instucted to come bac the following morning and be prepared for a long hard journey.

The day of success


This is the day that Santiago finds his treasure. He receivs an omen that tells him that where his tears fall is where he needs to dig. He does as instucted and when the beauty of the landscape brings him to tears, he knows his treasure is near by. He digs until along comes two men and they seach his stuff, find gold and think that he has more stashed in the ground. He digs until they realise there is nothing there and then one man tells Santiago that he had a dream where he was to go to the broken church and buryed under the ground he would find a lost treasure. Santiago did instead and found a large treasure chest filled with gold and diamonds. Lucky him.