History of Japan

History of Japan ( 300 AD - 646 AD )

Yamato Period

300 AD - 646 AD

The Invasion of South Korea.

366 AD

The Japanese invaded South Korea.


552 AD

Buddhism was introduced to Japan.

History of Japan ( 646 AD - 1,180 AD )

Yamato Period Ended

646 AD

Nara became Permanent Capital.

710 AD


794 AD

Emperor Kammu moved his court to Helen

Fujiwara Yorifuse

858 AD

Fujiwara Yorifuse became regent.


930 AD

Fujiwara gained power over economic reforms.


1000 AD

Peak of Artist and Literary Expression in Japan.

Minamoto Shoguns

1180 AD

Minamoto Shoguns rose because of Gempei Civil War.