The life and times of Eduardo Gomez

MES 2013 Chronicle - Accord Venue


Eduardo's birth


Eduardo is born to Amalia and Ricardo Gomez in Fresno, California.

U.S. Marine Corps

9/26/1995 - 9/27/1999

- Rwanda and Zaire - humanitarian mission
- Bosnia - Stabilization Force (SFOR)

UC Santa Clara

1/1/2000 - 7/1/2001

Studies primarily focus on ecology and social justice, but drops out after a year and a half.

Earth Liberation Front

2/1/2001 - 1/1/2006

Travels across much of the United States during this time establishing and training cells as well as carrying out missions in defense of Mother Earth.
Becomes acquainted with __.
Damages or destroys property belonging to _

Meets Lily Aspra


Becomes acquainted with Lily Aspra (, a zoology and genetics grad student at the time, while planning a mission against a construction project that poses a threat to an endangered species she is studying.

Eddie keeps in touch with Lily occasionally over the years, mostly to ask odd ecology questions related to a mission he's planning.


Keepers of the Source

7/2004 - 3/2011

Travels across much of the United States establishing and training cells as well as carrying out missions in defense of Mother Earth.
Becomes acquainted with __.
Almost kills or is almost killed by _

Meets Silas


Silas approaches Eddie, offering financial and logistical support in thwarting the supernaturally-backed commercial development of a sacred site. Short on time and finances, Eddie accepts and his cell successfully halts construction for at least the time being.

The Encounter


Eddie and a small cell he's trained hit a construction site associated with the Church of Universal Truth just after midnight. The site is considered sacred to the Earth by the Keepers of the Source. What had been planned as a simple construction disruption mission goes sideways when it turns out the local leadership is holding a strange ritual on the site. Several deaths occur on both sides and Eddie gets his first glimpse of The Truth.

Legal troubles

9/20/2010 - 1/28/2011

In the aftermath of The Encounter, Eddie is arrested by the police and faces serious charges. The Samaritan Group, initially out of interest in thwarting the local Church of Universal Truth, provides legal assistance. With their help, Eddie gets off the hook.

The Accord

2/1/2011 - 1/1/2014

Recruited by Samual Marlow.
Becomes acquainted with _____.

Meets Sam

January 2012

Eddie had a fresh cell, real young and barely-blooded sorts. He was worried about being able to handle an upcoming showdown with some werewolves at a sacred site in the area. Eddie wasn't keen on going head to head with them, but there was a very real chance it would come to it.

Eddie's contacts suggested someone that could be useful if push came to shove, but warned him the guy could be a bit of a wild card. Eddie got word he could meet the guy at a particular diner... any time. It sounded crazy, but the world is full of crazy.

Eddie stops by the diner that night. It is empty save for three people. Eddie eats his meal and decides to split. When he asks for the bill, the waitress says its already been paid for by the guy at the booth at the end.

Eddie looks over and really takes in the man for the first time. He's an African-American gentleman eating a slice of pie. He slides a notepad to the far side of the table from him as Eddie comes over. On the pad is a drawing of Eddie showing up at the diner that night. The catch? The drawing was dated two weeks ago.

The individual introduced himself as Sam and asked what Eddie needed. Eddie is disturbed, but resolute. He asks for Sam's help on a hunt. Sam agrees.

Things do wind up going sideways with the werewolves. A couple of Eddie's raw recruits wind up dead. The only reason the rest didn't (and possibly Eddie as well) was because of Sam. Things got real bloody and in the midst of it, Sam wasn't just human anymore. What he was is something Eddie sure doesn't know.

Eddie cut his losses in the area in the aftermath of that night and got out while the getting was good. Sam didn't seem to either notice or care.