Causes of World War II

World Leaders

Adolf becomes leader of the Nazi party.
In 1923, he led an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the German Weimar republic.
He agressive foreign policy led to the start of World War II, in 1939.

Emperor Hirohito


124th emperor of Japan, who formed an alliance with Germany and Italy.
Dec. 25, 1926- He became emperor.
September 1945, Emperor Hirohito ordered the surrender of Japan, which ended the war.

Adolf Hitler


Adolf becomes leader of the Nazi party.
In 1923, he led an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the German Weimar republic.
He agressive foreign policy led to the start of World War II, in 1939.

Winston Churchill


Elected as Prime Minister in 1938. Served as Prime Minister from 1940-1945, and from 1951-1955. He was also an officer in the British Army, Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War, and Secretary of State for Air. politician who was mainly known for his leadership in the UK during World War Two. Had a tough somewhat ''bulldog" sprit, which seemed to set the mood for the British people even during some tough times they faced.

Harry Truman


Became President in 1945 after death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Gave order for atomic bombs to be dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. He also represented the USA at the lat of the great war meetings, Potsdam.


Prussian Militarism


The Prussian Militarism was the force that made Germany powerful. It made it possible for Hitler to take control of it.

Beer Hall Putsch


The Beer Hall Putsch was a failed attempt at revolution that happened between November 8th and November 9th of 1923. It was run by Hitler and his Nazi followers and held at a Munich, Germany beer hall. Hitler attempted to take over the Munich area.

Start of World War Two


The start of World War Two was caused by the Invasion of Poland by Germany on Septermber 1, 1939.

Invasion of Poland


The Invasion of Poland was started by the Nazis in Germany. Although smaller wars were taking place before this, the Invasion of Poland ''added to the fire'' which made the feud between Germany and Poland bigger and more powerful.

Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor, A USA Naval base in Hawaii was attacked by Japanese on December 7, 1941. This event caused the US to be forced into war.


Treaty of Versailles


The treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty declaring the end of war between the Allies and Germany. After six months of negotiating at the Paris Peace Conference, it was signed. This treaty left Germany unhappy which led to the anger in the beginning of WWII. The Treaty of Versailles showed that the Allies expected Germany to pay for the war that everyone had helped to start.

League of Nations


The League of Nations was formed by the Treaty of Versailles and was made up of diplomats from many different countries. The League wanted to complete goals such as;negotiation, diplomacy and improving global quality of life. But, since the League of Nations did not have an army, they failed in its goal to prevent any future wars.

Rise in Fascism and Nazi Party


In 1922, Benito Mussolini and the Fascist Party rose to power in Italy. Fascism was basically a reaction to the failure of free market economics and the fear of Communism. Fascism was wanted by the National Socialist German Workers (or Nazis) in the north of Germany.

Propaganda and Nationalism


Hitler's ability to use propaganda to promote German Nationalism was a great force that contributed to the power of the Nazis.



Communism effected World War Two because communism controlled practically every aspect of your life. Hitler also associated ALL communists being jewish, which wasn't true, which also caused Hitler to want to get rid of communists because he thought they were all Jewish.



Nazi Germany enforced rules to regulate Boleshevism and its spread. This was the time when people believed that Jews were bad or not equal to everyone else, just because they were jews. Propoganda was used to persuade people to believe this.


The Great Depression


The Great Depression was an economical downturn in the USA. It was partially begun by the Stock Market crash on Black Tuesday. It effected international trade, personal incomes, and crop prices. Many other countries started relief programs, but some turned to dictators like Hitler.




Britain tried to appease Germany and avoid another World War by signing the Munich Pact in 1939. The Pact gave Germany permission to invade Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. But, when Hitler invaded the remaining Czechoslovakia it was clear that the attempt at appeasement did not work.



Britain and France were at war with Germany and then other countries such as Austria, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa became part of war. The beginning war between Britain and France was one of the major causes of WWII



Germany was involved in World War Two because he wanted revenge for the trouble Germany had from World War One. Hitler served in World War One and was devastatded when Germany surrendered.



The German attacked Poland in 1939, and the code name for the operation was Operation White. Germany had eleven tank divions, while
Poland only had one. Germany also had four motorised divisions comeare to Poland which had zero. These are some reasons that Germany took over Poland in World War Two.



The Japanese War begins which is fought primarily between China and Japan. Then after the Marco Polo Bridge Incedent, the fighting became a war because many more countries became invloved.

United States


Americans were entered into WWII when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii. This was also the start of The Great Depression for the United States.



In 1943, the Italians tried to surrender to the allies but German forces invaded. Italy is known to have won the last battle of the war, The Battle of Maychew.